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Good News for Aspirants Keen to Immigrate to Poland

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Poland is a less famous European country but this country is all set to break the old norms and is eager to welcome immigrants, especially the Non- European Union (EU) immigrants. The nation enjoys the status of being a well developed country. It has the sixth largest economy in the EU, yet it has a very low immigration rate.
As per some reports, it has closer to 10,000 foreign nationals living in the country and this includes non-EU nationals, the EU nationals, plus the non EU foreign students. To make the country immigrant-friendly, the Polish Government has taken a strong stand even as it has passed a new law making it smooth and easy for those who wish to Immigrate to Poland.

According to the new law, certain restrictions have been removed and the immigration process has been eased for those who wish to obtain the country’s Permanent Residency (PR) or Work Permit.

Now, the aspirants will be able to apply for Polish PR and Work Permit using a single procedure. Earlier, the major drawback why many resisted working in the country was once their job was terminated, their resident permit expired immediately.

But according to the new law, upon the termination of their job, their residence permit will not expire immediately. They will be granted a grace period of one month and during this period they can look out for a new opportunity.

There is more to new reforms. Additionally, temporary residence permit will be granted for a period of three years instead of two years, and application to extend the duration will no longer have to be submitted 45 days in advance from the date of permit expiry. As per the new rules, the applicants may apply for extension even on the last date of expiry of their permit.

The Polish Government has given further relaxation to foreign students studying in the country. Post the completion of their graduation, they may stay back in the country for one year and search for the job. This is good news for foreign students enrolled with various educational institutions, mainly in Krakow.

While on the one hand it has become bit easy to immigrate to Poland, on the other hand certain restrictions continue to remain there. For example, Polish employers who wish to hire non-EU employees will have to prove that the local market lacks sufficient talent, and the selected candidate meets the set criteria, and is educationally qualified to perform the required task.
And immigrants have to provide character and health certificate along with detailed information about their job in Poland and proof of their financial resources just to ensure they have enough funds to cover their expenses in the country.
If you wish to stay in the country for short period, you may apply for Temporary Residence Card. It will allow you to live in the country for up to three years, and if your dreams are high, you may apply for PR. It will give you a liberty to live and work in the country indefinitely but you will not be considered as a Polish Citizen.


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