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Armenia has been well-known for its liberal immigration policy which favors the free movement of persons and also supports the free movement of businesses (Values business immigrants). As per the latest Armenia immigration news, now immigrating to Armenia is the lot easier, the execution process is quite fast, and the cost of the overall procedure is relatively low. As per some Armenia immigration experts now there is no need to

  • Make large investments in Armenia
  • Purchase properties
  • obtain health insurance,
  • speak Armenian

That is a very strong indication that the Government of Armenia is favoring immigration to the country. Due to this, they have eased the immigration policies. Now an applicant can apply for the immigration visa without making huge financial increments. Buying a property is now totally optional. Even if the applicant is a non-Armenian speaker, he can still apply for an immigration visa.

As per the other updates received from the Armenia immigration news agency, all the nationals of the EU/EFTA countries and also the former USSR countries are now allowed to visit Armenia without a visa. Not only this, all the nationals of the EU/EFTA and also the former USSR nations are now allowed to stay for a period of 180 days in a given year.

The nationals belonging to the non-EU/EFTA countries and former USSR countries (nations that were part of USSR) must apply for visas. The visas issued to the nationals belonging to non-EU/EFTA nations and the former USSR countries are for up to 120 days with a 60-day extension possibility.

Visas can be easily obtained upon arrival. Whether the person is traveling by road, crossing the international border or by arriving in Armenia air, regardless of the travel mode, visas can be obtained on arrival.

The Armenia immigration news agency has also shared updates for the citizens of certain select nations. These lists of select countries include China, India, Pakistan, and African countries. As a national belonging to these specific countries, you can apply for visas at Armenian consulates in your country or abroad.

Invitation from an Armenian resident is a must and should be required well before applying. The citizens of certain select nations have to complete an application before submitting it and are required to face visa appointment. There is no relaxation of visa norms for the citizens of certain select nations.

After the application is submitted and the required fee is paid, the extension of a visa might take up to 3 business days. Within this period, the embassy will take a call on the application.

There are few updates regarding overstay. An administrative fine have been imposed which starts from $123 to $246. This fine will be for those individuals who decide to overstay even after the expiration of the allocated period.

After the petition has been filed for Temporary and Permanent Residence Permits, the permits are issued by the passport and visa department Police within 30 days after the application is filed.

The candidates applying for Temporary Residence Permits (TRPs) are required to demonstrate all the circumstances which are responsible for their over stay in Armenia. The circumstances must justify the overstay.



Visa fee


Extension fee


Visitor visa (business, tourism, study, family visit)


21 days, single


Max. 60 days

$1.2 per day


120 days, single





60 days, multiple





120 days, multiple




Transit visa

3 days, single


Max. 4 days


Entrepreneur involved in business activities in Armenia
Employee working for an Armenia company
Student studying in a Armenian university
Spouse/parent/child/sibling/grandparent/grandchild of an Armenian citizen
Spouse/parent/child/sibling/grandparent/grandchild of the holder of a permanent residence permit
Spouse/parent/child of a holder of a temporary residence permit
Ethnic Armenian

   Term Official fee
Temporary 1 year, renewable $258
Permanent 5 years, renewable $344
Special 10 years, renewable $369

It is must for the candidates to undergo a medical screening at the healthcare institution in Armenia. The obtained medical certificate must be attached with the applications. It’s a must.

Special Residence Permits are only be granted by the President of Armenia. These are only issued to individuals of Armenian descent. These can also be awarded to foreigners only if they are involved in any economic or any cultural activities in the country.

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