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Exploited Foreign Farm Workers in Canada Demanding PR

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Ottawa provides the people from abroad the right to do a job in the country, via offering them either Permanent Resident (PR) status or temporary work permit. The overseas hotspot enjoys widespread popularity for the human rights that it gives to each and every person.

However, some recent reports, based on the observations of some migrant workers in the nation, state that the working conditions are not anymore good in the nation. Allegedly, the Canadian recruiters are not very just towards their workers. Several overseas workers, who came to the nation, are being treated as slaves.

Between 2004 and 2014 the population of the workers from overseas jumped from 20,000 to 41,700. The population of the foreign workers in the Maple Leaf Country has headed north drastically since 2004, as most Canadian workers do not have any interest in working as either waiters or construction workers.

It is asserted that there must be labor assessment test of the recruiters before they offer work opportunities in the nation even as this will assist the involved workers obtain the prized PR status rather speedily.

The farm owners in Canada are exploiting the immigrant workers and throwing them away when they fail to continue their work, thanks to harsh injuries or health issues.  The workers are allegedly working like slaves and they have to follow the instructions of their recruiters since they are bound with the bond and left with no options whatsoever. No wonder, most workers are reportedly demanding the prized and the much sought after PR standing to escape abuse in the country.


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