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Employment Openings Increasing Across Canada with Quebec Showing Biggest Growth

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Canada never fails to surprise, mostly for the right reasons. At a time when the number of jobs is not something to go to town with across most of the so-called developed global economies of the world, the Maple Leaf Country is constantly registering a jump in the figure of the job openings that it has for those who are skilled and keen to work on its territories.

Nearly every province and territory in the Maple Leaf Country is registering handsome growths in the number of the employment openings even while the provinces of Quebec and British Columbia (BC) have the highest number of job openings for the deserving skilled people now. 

No wonder, the Canadian Government and the concerned provincial governments are leaving no stones unturned to plug the gap and hire skilled workers, through different attractive visa plans, even as they are also busy making new changes to improve their immigration systems further.

Hence, it is the perfect time to kick-start your application process for Canada immigration, if you are skilled and raring to go!   

This takes us straight to the report on which this news report is based!

As per this report--based on the latest numbers made available by Statistics Canada--462,000 job vacancies were obtainable across Canada in the first three months of this year, with Quebec registering the largest year-over-year growth for the three-month timeframe. Employment openings in the region were up by 25,000 in the opening quarter of this year, registering a jump of 37% over the opening three months of the preceding year.

The latest statistics reveal job vacancies rising across the maximum number of the Canadian provinces, industrial fields & occupational groups, vis-à-vis the first three month of the year gone by. Job vacancies, reportedly, headed north through eight provinces and three territories of the country, with Quebec and B.C. showing the biggest growths.

According to Statistics Canada, it was the seventh successive quarter to reveal a year-over-year rise in the figure of the job openings in Quebec, with openings in the manufacturing and accommodation and food services industrial segments registering the maximum growth. Significantly, Montreal was the economic region in Quebec that registered the most impressive swell in job openings (+8,700) through the three months.

The unemployment rate of Quebec was 5.5% for the three months, in relation to 6.2% in the initial quarter of the preceding year.

Reportedly, as per an estimate from the incumbent Liberal Government of Quebec, over 1 million openings will require to be filled by 2024, even as it has stated that immigration has an important role to play in fulfilling this requirement.

Quebec to Overhaul Immigration System to Address Worker Scarcities

With a view to achieve this target, some key improvements to the province’s immigration system will be divulged next month, comprising a new Expression of Interest (EoI) structure.

B.C., Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba also Register Increase in Employment Openings

Reportedly, B.C. showed similar numbers to Quebec, in the process, reporting 24,000 more employment vacancies in the initial three months of the present year--a jump of close-to 36% over the previous year.

As per Statistics Canada, the number of job openings in B.C. swelled in 19 out of the 20 industrial segments in the province, with job openings mostly available in the region’s Lower Mainland-Southwest economic area, which comprises Vancouver. Sales and service professions, trades and equipment operators registered the biggest increase in the openings over the first three months of the preceding year.

Employment openings in Ontario--the nation’s most populated province--jumped by 9,800 in the initial quarter of the present year, showing a difference of +5.7% over the preceding year. Over 40% (4,200) of those openings were from the transportation and warehousing industrial field, even as an additional 2,400 came from the segments of healthcare and social assistance.

Ottawa and Kitchener-Waterloo-Barrie were the economic regions of Ontario and these registered the biggest jumps in job openings.

Alberta registered a year-over-year swell of 7,500 jobs in the opening quarter of the present year, a rise of 18.5%. The biggest growth in employment vacancies in Alberta took place in the healthcare and social assistance industrial segment.

Manitoba reported a jump of 2,800 job openings, a jump of 26.4% over the first three months of the previous year that--as per Statistics Canada--was propelled by job vacancies in the healthcare and social assistance field.

9 of Country’s 10 Biggest Industrial Fields witness Jumps

The country’s healthcare and social assistance segment witnessed employment vacancies increase by 11,000 over the opening quarter of the present year--a jump of 27.3% over the preceding year. Employment openings headed north in each of the four Health Care and Social Assistance sub-sectors.

Reportedly, Warehousing & Transportation saw a swell of 9,300 job vacancies (+46%) over the initial quarter of the previous year, even while a swell of 7,800 job vacancies, or 23%, was registered for the nation’s manufacturing segment, particularly transportation equipment, food manufacturing, and fabricated metal product manufacturing.

In addition, reportedly, the professional, scientific and technical services segment witnessed employment openings head north by 5,660, vis-à-vis the opening three months of the year gone by.

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