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Dutton's Latest Laws Effect: Australian Immigration Levels Hit 10-year Low

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Strict new vetting laws slapped by the in-office Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton seem to be having its effects now what with the latest available numbers reportedly revealing the figure of individuals permanently moving to Oz heading south by 10% and official figures reaching the lowest level in over 10 years. Thanks to the Dutton levied hard new vetting regulations, the yearly intake has reportedly been decreased by 21,000 individuals.

A clampdown on the fake claims and more visa denials has also allegedly played their part and been pivotal behind the drop--the biggest registered in over a decade. Reportedly, immigration presently stands at less than 163,000 people every year from a preceding peak of 190,000 even as the registered intake of the migrants for the period 2007-08, reportedly, was 158,630 people.

As per the latest information that we have on the subject, the Home Affairs Minister's latest integrity steps have also resulted in a 46% jump in the figure of the visa denials and a 17% swell in the pulling out of the petitions.

Throwing more light on the issue, Dutton was, reportedly, quoted as saying that the administration has had real focus on certifying that not only the nation restored integrity to its borders but (also) to its permanent migration scheme.

He added that the government is examining more closely the petitions that are being presented and guaranteeing that the nation is ushering in the best migrants possible. Justifying the government’s steps, he continued that towards the end it wants the country’s migration scheme to perform in the nation’s best interests.

Significantly, Dutton has blamed the preceding Labor administrations of ticking and flicking applications, claiming that the incumbent Turnbull administration, in contrast, is examining every petition submitted very closely and with complete scrutiny.

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