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Charges for Australian Citizenship to Increase in 2016

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Are you interested in acquiring the prized and the much sought after citizenship of Australia? If your answer is ‘yes’, here’s a not-too-positive news report for you! Please don’t press the panic button! Nothing serious! Just the fee of gaining citizenship of Australia is set to head north next year with proposals for a swell in costs presently being thrashed out by the involved authorities.

The Administration of Oz allegedly pushes the nation’s permanent residents to submit an application for citizenship when they become duly qualified even as costs are presently charged on the basis of different citizenship application kinds. However, the costs operate on a full or fractional cost recovery ground, whereby the expenses of the administration, providing the service, are recovered, via the costs charged to candidates.

The charges of a petition vary depending on a candidate’s eligibility and the doings asked for. Payment exemptions and concessions exist for certain specific applications, and this comprises pensioner, family, and health card holders. However, at the present, the government reportedly asserts that the cost of processing these petitions is not sufficiently recovered, via the present fee levels. And since the cost base for citizenship activities has not been appraised for many years, an evaluation is presently being carried out.

Meanwhile, throwing light on the development, a spokesperson from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the concerned visa and immigration body, reportedly, said that charging for citizenship activities goes back to 1948, with the last price adjustment to the citizenship related charges taking place way back in 2009.

Thanks to the decisions reached as component of the 2015-2016 Budget, the charges of processing citizenship petitions will move to complete cost recovery from January 11, the next year. In addition, the costs linked with the citizenship scheme will be assessed, which might change prices associated with numerous of the present application costs. Courtesy the proposals, the present citizenship charges of $260 would jump north to $325 while those resuming citizenship would swell to $140 from $70.

Prior to a decision is reached on the latest levels, concerned officers are looking for the opinions of concerned groups and elements of the public concerning present issues &experiences with present citizenship charges. They want to hear about suggested amendments to the fee arrangement, and this comprises consideration of the correctness (or otherwise) of the rates of concession and exemptions.

The spokesperson pointed out that the feedback will be priceless to make certain a just and reasonable fee arrangement. The department will minutely examine every submission presented. He signed off saying the discussion is online with a locking date of August 31,this year.


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