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Into Force Now: Changes to Leave of Absence Requirement in UK Tier-2 Visa

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In a fairly important development--from the viewpoints of the many UK immigration motivated aspirants--from April 6 onwards, this year, Changes to Leave of Absence requirement in the Tier-2 Visa Class have come into force. For those not tuned in, Britain employs a point-based 5 Tier visa procedure for the aliens from outside the territorial limits of European Economic Area (EEA). The same is basically for the aliens eager to arrive in the country for study, work, etc.

Earlier, a 30-day leave of absence or more was permitted to the Tier-2 skilled employee over a single period/more than one period (through any calendar year). At present, it is compulsory for the Tier 2 migrants--keen to take unpaid leave--to guarantee that the leave time-frame is of just 4 weeks or even less than this.

Candidates Divided into 5 Tiers

Aspirants under this arrangement are duly divided into 5 tiers even as it is necessary to successfully clear a points-based appraisal for being accepted and becoming qualified for a UK Visa (under the 5 Tiers).

The factors for the award of points are the aspirant’s age, experience and capability. With a view to become successful, the applicant need to obtain a score that is above the lowest threshold. It is important to note that the lowest points needed for each tier differs.

5 Tier Visas

  • Tier-1 Visas: It is basically meant for the high-value aliens from outside the limits of the EEA. It is meant for investors, entrepreneurs, and some specific individuals arriving under the Exceptional Talent Visa.
  • Tier-2 Visas: These are meant for the trained manpower from outside the EEA with a valid employment offer in Britain. Trained labor force shifted to Britain by a global company, qualified employees who are not in the desired numbers in the UK, ministers of religion and sportspersons are covered in this particular stream.
  • Tier-3 Visas: These are meant for the low-skilled employees filling particular temporary labor famines. Hitherto, the UK administration has not given any in this class. So, it is not possible to submit an application for this specific visa stream.
  • Tier-4 Visas: These are meant for the overseas students from outside the EEA aged above 16 years. It is mandatory that they pursue studies in the country. It is also compulsory that they have a place at any duly registered UK educational body prior to submitting an application.
  • Tier-5 Visas: This class has six sub-tiers of impermanent foreign manpower, and this comprise charity, religious personnel, creative and sporting and youth mobility scheme. The same enables roughly 55,000 young people from abroad to do a job in the country on working holidays. The visas are offered to young individuals from countries with mutual arrangements in Britain.

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