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Canadian Ontario Puts Brief Halt on Some Immigration Categories

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Are you a Canada immigration motivated aspirant and wish to use of the well-known Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP), to enter the nation? If yes, this news report is for you!
For the time being the Government of the Province of Ontario has reportedly stopped the intake of the petitions presented for the select classes, via the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme (OINP), even as other OINP classes will keep on being available.

As per the Administration of Ontario, it had already obtained the adequate figure of the OINP petitions, to complete its federal allocation, and other provinces of the nation have executed parallel measures over recent months. For instance, both British Columbia (BC) and Alberta have put pauses on some particular PNP categories inside the past year, just to revive them at a later date.

Likewise, during 2015 and into this year, the provinces of Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia had application intake thresholds for certain immigration classes that were reloaded through the year, even post early declarations had stated that the yearly intake limit for those specific classes had been touched.

OINP & Express Entry Programme

Since Ontario threw its doors wide open to the applicants in the Express Entry pool in the mid-2015, via the formation of two new classes, several aspirants in the Express Entry Pool have reportedly observed that the province—-which for several years has received more newcomers, vis-à-vis any other Canadian province—puts forward a fast-track immigration corridor.

The OINP Human Capital Priorities Category, a key Express Entry-aligned OINP class, has turned out to be chiefly well-liked. Allegedly, the specific class is rather 'passive' in the manner that an Express Entry aspirant may only present an application in case he is called by the OINP only to be provided with what is called a Notification of Interest (NOI).

A major condition is that an applicant must have already gained admission into the Express Entry Pool and be given 400 or more Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. In case the aspirant fruitfully receives an OINP nomination certificate, via the category, he is proffered 600 more CRS points, and will then obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the cherished Permanent Residence in the nation.

As mentioned before, the halt on the issuance of the NOIs, via the Human Capital Priorities category (which became effective on February 16) is impermanent in nature, even while there is every ground to think that the OINP will start to give the NOIs once more at a later date. Presently, it is not disclosed when this could take place, and it could well be the case that no advance declaration will be made.

The French-Speaking Skilled Worker category is the other Express Entry-aligned OINP stream, and it is still available. It is mandatory that the aspirants for the specific category possess not less than a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level of 7 in French & CLB 6 in English, as exhibited by the results from standardized language tests duly accepted by the administrations of the Maple Leaf Country & Ontario.

Even as some aspirants could, in the beginning, be rather put off by the French condition, an ability of CLB 7 is far from showing ideal fluency. Aspirants, who have earlier used the language could--with some more endeavor and revision--reach adequate-intermediate ability and potentially gain from the Canadian immigration choice. Significantly, the Canada Immigration Language Converter tool enables applicants to evaluate the CLBs with language descriptions & test conditions.

OINP, Business Immigration

Both the Corporate category and the Entrepreneur category of the OINP are still obtainable for fresh petitions and Expressions of Interest (EoI), in that order.

OINP, International Students

Every petition submitted for the International Students (Masters Graduate & PhD Graduate) categories sent post 5 p.m. EDT on May 9, this year will be rejected only to be sent back to the candidate, together with the unprocessed fee. But, the administrations of Canada and Ontario have been fairly vocal involving their intent to appeal and keep hold of more international students as the nation’s permanent residents.


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