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Canada QSWP Requires Lower Pass Mark

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In a somewhat positive development, the Administration of Quebec has reportedly cut down the pass mark for the well-known and the widely used points based programme, called Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP). Therefore, a requirement of lower pass mark will be there for receiving a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

Adaptability factor eliminated

The province has eradicated the adaptability factor from the scheme. Prior to the improvement, it was necessary for aspirants to successfully clear the adaptability interview for carrying on with the petition for Canada PERMANENT RESIDENCY (PR), via the QSWP path.

Selection of trained overseas manpower

The selection of qualified workers from abroad will be done in a steady, effective and a comparatively more objective method. As mentioned before, the QSWP utilizes a points-based scheme,and under the same points are provided for training area, age, language ability, employment experience, prior association with the province, human capital factors of either the other half of the candidate or the common law partner of the candidate, and a confirmedemployment offer in the province.

Extra points are given for any accompanying dependent kids and evidence of monetary self-sufficiency in case the person duly satisfies the minimum points needed for such factors.

For the QSWP, there is no requirement of a job offer. It means a person is eligible even if he does not have a confirmed offer of job. That it is a rather big attraction of the QSWP cannot be ruled out.

Bonus points for French expertise

What’s more despite the fact that aspirants will obtain extra points for French skills,it is not a condition for the QSWP. It means a person, who lacks French skills, is also qualified for the programme.

The only thing is that strong credentials in other regions can make a person entitled for filing a petition to the QSWP. There is a requirement of not less than 49 points by a single aspirant even as there is a requirement of not less than 57 points for a candidate with a common-law or a partner.

Medical and security examinations are duly carried out by the federal examinations for offering PR. It is mandatory that a candidate for the QSWP has the aim of living in the province.

The QSWP is based on the first-come-first-serve ground. Aspirants can submit a petition under the QSWP and also present an Express Entry profile. The QSWP is basically a good option for overseas people keen to file a petition for immigration to the Maple Leaf Country, minus the need of any invitation.

Aspirants in the Express Entry Pool, and eager to boost their chances for movement to the Maple Leaf Country,can also explore the QSWP option.

Reportedly, the coming cycle for the QSWP will begin sooner than later. So if you have missed the bus this time, prepare for the next one!


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