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Canada Parent and Grandparent Programme Sponsors Pay Attention!

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Come January 3, 2017 and the popular and the widely used Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) for immigration to Canada will reportedly become available with a petition intake upper limit of 10,000 fresh petitions.

Against the backdrop of the fact that the demand for the space is likely to surpass the quota, the chances of those candidates of making the cut--who are not prepared to present a petition by early next month--are allegedly pretty slim. Equally, latest history reveals that the aspirants, who are ready, have a better chance to offer sponsorship to either their parent(s) or grandparent(s).

For those not tuned in, the PGP permits the citizens and permanent residents of the Maple Leaf Country, to provide sponsorship to their parents and grandparents, to move to the renowned hotspot as permanent residents of the nation. Reportedly, the intake limit for the coming year is 200% of what was formerly declared for the 2016 intake period, and 200% the total figure of the petitions that were admitted during 2015 &2014.

This scheme runs on a first-come, first-served ground. For the period of the most recent intake time-frame, which occurred sometime before the year, over 14,000 petitions were put forward from January 4 to January 7, out of which the leading 10,000 complete petitions were kept for the object of processing. The same was 200% of the figure that was likely to be kept, and even this expanded intake was inadequate to fulfill demand at the said time.

Eligibility Requirements for PGP

The parents and grandparents of the nation’s citizens and permanent residents, submitting an application under this plan, will get the prized permanent resident standing, and they may finally submit an application for the much sought after citizenship, in the wake of fulfilling the requirements of eligibility, comprising the conditions of residency.

Among others, it is mandatory that the sponsor fulfills these conditions:

  • Have either the citizenship or permanent residence (PR) status in the nation;
  • Be either 18 years old or above;
  • Fulfill the bare minimum essential income level for the scheme, via submitting the notices of assessment given by the concerned organization, in support of their sponsorship. It is obligatory that the sponsors also duly prove they have catered to the bare minimum essential level of income for three successive years. In case wedded or in a common-law association, the salary of both individuals may be included; and
  • It is also essential that the sponsor and the sponsored ink a sponsorship contract that commits the sponsor to offer economic backing for the sponsored person, for a maximum period of two decades. The accord also states that the individual, acquiring the PR status, will do everything possible to take care of their needs.

Salary Conditions

The various sponsors under the PGP must cater to the income conditions. The same makes certain that the sponsored persons could be aided by their family members, in case required, post turning up in the country. These specific conditions have been improved somewhat, even as the possible candidates are motivated to appraise the most recent minimum income conditions against the backdrop of the amendments made to certify that they fulfill the conditions.

Pay Attention Quebec Sponsors!

The sponsors living in the province ought to observe that the PGP petition procedure is pretty dissimilar in their situation. Apart from fulfilling the federal requirements, it is essential that they also fulfill the conditions fixed by the Quebec administration, which exercises its power to come to decision if the sponsors, staying in the province, possess the financial means to support the family members moving to the province, and this include the parents and grandparents.

Hence, there are distinct income conditions. It is also binding for the residents of Quebec to ink a sponsorship deal with the province. It’s basically a contract binding the sponsorship for a period of a decade (in place of two decades for the sponsors located outside the province).

Sponsors present an application in the beginning to the federal administration, which regulates the eligibility and completeness of the petition at that stage, prior to submitting an application to the Quebec Administration.


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