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Canada Immigration Consultants Take into Custody, Charged With Fraud

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There is no dearth of those so-called immigration consultants who allegedly break the visa and immigration laws of Canada and claim to aid the visa aspirants get the prized citizenship or permanent residency in the country, for a big price, of course.  

This is another matter that since they break the laws and often present fake papers/documents and misrepresent their clients’ case, they often get caught only to be put behind the bars.

As per the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), two individuals, masquerading as immigration agents, were recently apprehended by the CBSA's Criminal Investigations Division even as they will be slapped with the charges of scam and conspiracy and also counselling, helping or supporting others to make falsifications.

As per the CBSA's examination, the accused, Georges Massoud & Fatma Iscan, aided many families act as if to have lived in the country from 2007 to 2015, hence allowing them to falsely get and duly maintain their permanent resident position, with the object of receiving the nation’s prized and the much sought after citizenship and passport, to which they were actually not permitted.

The accused in question and also the involved consultant company are facing 10 counts under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the nation’s Criminal Code.

The CBSA carries out probes and acts against the immigration wrongdoers to the complete degree of the law. Immigration fraud is basically a criminal wrongdoing. The unearthing of this fraudulent scheme permitted the concerned body to stop other persons from falsely being given permanent residence or citizenship in the nation. The CBSA's probes aid to defend the integrity of the nation’s immigration systems and take legal action against the lawbreakers.

Allegedly, those who infringe immigration laws could face serious outcomes, mainly a criminal conviction, imprisonment, penalties and periods of trial.


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