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Canada Family Reunification Processing Time Shrunk

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In what could be called a very positive news report--from the perspectives of those keen to unite with their spouses and immediate family members in Canada--now it is possible for the nationals to reunite with their spouses and immediate family members in a comparatively short time.
This was revealed by John McCallum, the incumbent Minister of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The minster reportedly stated that he was exceedingly pleased to make public that the government has cut the processing time in half and in place of 24 months, it will be now just 12 months.

It is just one year for everyone--whether the aspirant is located inside the nation or outside it. He added that the government is not interested in two-tiers (strategy) for processing time and it prefers one and all to be on the same platform.

Allegedly, the improvements are component of the administration’s countrywide consultation procedure to bring crucial improvements to the immigration rule that was pledged by the in-office Liberal Party in the course of the 2015 election drive.

Sharing more his views on the subject, McCallum reportedly indicated that family unification has continuously been the top priority of the Liberal regime even while it is vital for kids &spouses to be united, minus any sort of interruption.

The minister added that he is declaring the latest changes in Brampton as Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister, pledged the same in the course of his election drive in the Flower City, and increasing the pace of the family class immigration was right on the top of his plan.

To boost the pace of the procedure, the minister reportedly stated that the regime has earmarked 25 million dollar to appoint additional workers. Still, the latest regulations will have no effects whatsoever on the nation’s compulsory security and background check strategy.
Allegedly, the various immigration bureaus will continue to be rather watchful to spot and impede fake weddings. Ottawa is not changing its measures related to criminality, safety and health.
The minster also pointed out that medical exams and security checks could somewhat delay the processing times. He also stated that the new entrants will still come to the nation on first come, first serve basis even while those candidates already in the line will be preferred.
As if to justify the move, he reportedly stated that the same will prove useful for every Canadian with the reason being people are more industrious citizens, and in general, they perform better when they are together with their dear & near ones, i.e., the family members.

As of December 15, in place of two petitions--one for the foreign and the other for the in-Canada candidates--presently, it will be just one single petition for every aspirant. And a 180-page manual has been cut down to only 75 pages. Besides, 14 guides and checklists are changed to only one agenda, and three relationship questionnaires and one sponsorship appraisal form have presently been changed to just one humbler form.


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