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Blockbuster Crocodile Dundee Set To Put Australia On Top Once More

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Crocodile Dundee is a landmark movie character to emerge from Australia, even as at present, three decades on from the first film, efforts are reportedly on to utilize him to motivate more persons to make a trip. The 30th anniversary of the world wide release of the movie is likely to proffer a noteworthy thrust to tourism in Kakadu, where a great part of the movie’s Australian scenes were canned.

While the motion picture was released in the different theatres of Down Under way back on 30 April 1986, it immediately hit the bull’s eye, and took the whole world by storm, conquering the global markets also. Though it was made for only more than 8 million Australia Dollars, it minted money at the box office internationally making roughly 400 million dollars.

The film reportedly displayed some of Kakadu’s most stunning landscapes comprising Ubirr, Nourlangie and Gunlom, together with the area’s exotic wildlife, predominantly Aboriginal heritage, and, of course, its saltwater crocodiles.

For Kakadu, a hatchling tourism industry was supercharged suddenly, with the crocodile the main draw, whether it is in accommodation or tours, with nearby Yellow Water Billabong recognized as a top destination for cruises to find crocodiles in their natural surroundings.

Reportedly, Kakadu Tourism hopes that the focus of the film will drastically boost worldwide and domestic tourism to Kakadu in the coming year, with the first quarter of 2016 already witnessing the most excellent results in 5 years.

As per Rick Allert, the Chair of Kakadu Tourism, a relatively dry wet season has signified that most of the Park’s draws will be open from May, which is about a month before than normal. He elucidated that Crocodile Dundee had a great influence on the place. The Paul Hogan character and the stunning landscapes of Kakadu combined to present a rather dominant picture that had hardly ever been witnessed previously in film theatres.

Though during the three decades since the iconic film was released, tourism infrastructure--such as roads, and accommodation, besides tour plans--have made making a trip to Kakadu much simpler, what hasn’t seen any change is the exceptional backdrop and Indigenous character of the area. It still continues to a top draw of the nation.

John O’Sullivan, the in-office Tourism Australia Managing Director, reportedly thinks that the first and second film played a helpful role in putting the Kangaroo Land on the radar of the holiday makers from the US with scenes situated in New York.

He stated that the high interest in the movie’s 30 year anniversary was wonderful for tourism, and would, with a bit of luck, stir an entire new generation of the Crocodile Dundee fans from the US to visit the country.


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