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35% of Immigrants to Canada Go Back

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It appears the charm of Canada immigration evaporates just a few years after shifting to the nation for many new immigrants, or so it seems if we go by a report published recently.  As per the said report, the Canadian immigration authorities have come to know that close-to one-third of the new immigrants go back to their native country inside some months of their shifting to the Maple Leaf Country.

Even though some specific segments are facing a serious dearth of skilled workers in Canada, many immigrants do not have any options except to return home. It allegedly emphasizes the way new immigrants face trouble in settling in Canada, and how in spite of the famine of labor force in sectors, the industry in the Maple Leaf Country is powerless to absorb them.

Why Immigrants Moving Post Long Wait Choose to Go Back home?

Allegedly, there are basically two more issues that would be accountable for this development. One is that while the overseas immigration hotspot draws the finest of the talent in industry, the necessity is for far under skilled opportunities even as the immigrants moving there are far more overqualified for the openings obtainable, and second that there are far more breaks in the developing countries for their middle class.

But, Canada is facing an additional difficulty as well. Even as the rate of the students choosing higher education among the kids of immigrants is 36%, less than one-fourth of the nationals of Canada prefer higher education.

In addition, as the immigrants fail to obtain the job, proportionate to their specific qualifications, large figures of them choose to be entrepreneurs and contribute to proffering jobs to the Canadians.

Every Section of Immigrants Contribute to Canadian Economy

Ottawa also knows that not just the economically affluent immigrants play a decisive role in the nation’s development and growth, the refugee class also plays a rather key part in the nation’s economic uplift in various segments of the economy. Against such a backdrop, where an immigrant has to go back to his home nation due to job loss or other difficulties in the society, it is not in the nation’s long term interest.

Canada Immigration Programme--A Few Likely Improvements

With a view to offset these difficulties, some amendments are reportedly being strongly advocated in the different forums in the nation’s immigration rules and major of them are:

  1. Re-tailoring of the temporary worker scheme to make the same more suitable to fulfill the precise requirements of the industry while safeguarding the nation’s existing manpower;
  2. Express Entry System to be made more flexible and handy. The system to be made simpler for those already doing a job in the country;
  3. Labor Market impact assessment may be removed for those already doing a job;
  4. Appraisal process for global students pursuing education in the nation be made friendlier to aid the Express Entry. Later, it may become far easier for the global students--enrolled for various study courses in the nation--to move to the Maple Leaf Country.


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