The visa process, to enable skilled workers to move to Western Australia, needs to be made more flexible, believes a group of industry specialists, taking part in a roundtable event at Curtin University.

They reportedly claim that the firms/companies in the state want to be in a position to make use of more trained manpower from abroad to tide over the issue of skills famine, but they (business heads) claim the present visa structure is very inflexible. The nation’s immigration rule, in particular, is not sufficiently alert to the requirements of business.

Business chiefs desire industry to make good investments in education & training for the migrant personnel where they are required to fill employment openings, assisting to generate an atmosphere for overseas labor force to prosper.

They allegedly opine that the skilled migrant list is not adequately flexible. For instance, though bricklayers are on the list, the area is presently facing a severe dearth of skilled workers. The situation is more or less the same in the case of electricians, plasterers, and tilers.

As per a concerned person, the skills list which is brought out by Immigration Australia may be planned in a better manner. Allegedly, much more could be done to maintain trained manpower which moves under its own class, minus employer sponsorship.

Allegedly, these are basically the people who are on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). They are eager to move to Oz, they possess the skills but not many safety nets when they actually land in the country. These employees over and over again plug skills scarcities in the regional WA.

Summary: Western Australia business bosses believe that there should be more flexible visa arrangement, to facilitate the entry of more skilled workers to the region, to fill the different employment openings in the area.

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