Maybe, alarmed over the brewing impression that it is somewhat biased and not very pro-Muslim, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has reportedly stated that it does not give any importance to the religious position of the visa candidates even as there is no bias against Muslim visa aspirants in any manner whatsoever, some detractors’ claims notwithstanding.

The immigration body is reportedly making a great deal of efforts to create a positive image, and weaken the present debate over whether or not immigrants following Islam are given an equal and just treatment in the matter of visa petitions.

The development is pretty important even as it comes against the backdrop of the widely reported acts of terrorism, being allegedly conducted by the dreaded terror outfits, the ISIS and the IS, across the globe, and the resultant heated discussions about whether or not it is a really good idea to give the Muslims a red carpet welcome in the country and accommodate them there in.

A study by a well-known Australian newspaper reportedly hints that the administration is aggressively pursuing a policy that makes it rather tough for large figures of the followers of Islam from the Middle East to reside in Oz.

But, a DIBP spokesperson has strongly refuted that this is planned, claiming, as mentioned before, potential migrants are not asked about their religion while submitting an application for an Australia visa.

The study of the DIBP numbers concludes that the present migration policy is duly focused on drawing trained migrants and those keen to reunite with families who have already moved in, and the nation draws visitors from certain nations, like India and China, instead of the Muslim nations. The study also asserts that though Islam was once the quickest growing religion in Oz, the nation presently boasts of more Buddhists, vis-à-vis Muslims, at 2.5% and 2.2% of the populace in that order.

But an immigration expert at the Australian National University reportedly strongly differs with the DIBP, claiming there is no dearth of the officers & politicians who explicitly support other religions, like Orthodox Christians & Jewish migrants, over the followers of Islam.

It seems Canberra will have to live with this ignominy, at least for a few more years to come. Having said this, the good thing is that the number of critics is not very high and Down Under is world-renowned for its multicultural society even as its immigration and visa policies are usually liked by the migrants and other concerned parties.
Had it not been so, Oz would perhaps not have occupied such a high position in the list of the top immigration destinations, and there would not have been such a high craze for Australia immigration.


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