Here’s a positive news report from the US for the international students studying in the country! The news comes after a strained period that saw India filing a formal complaint against the US at the World Trade Organization (WTO) over the issue of a specific visa costs.
The US government will lengthen the stay for tech graduates from abroad. The condition: they must have pursued a STEM subject (Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering). Students at the US colleges from out-of-the-country shall be given the permission to reside in the country, for a period of three year on-the–job training, post graduation. Allegedly, it denotes these graduates shall have seven additional months than under the earlier US visa laws, and will also have an extra opportunity to gain admission into the US yearly visa lottery.

US Visa—Key Requirements

The regulation is just applicable to the overseas students pursuing STEM. The same necessitates foreign tech graduates to go to recognized universities, for the object of acquiring a visa extension even while those who go to any unrecognized schools can stay in the nation for just one year.

Plan To Draw High Demand Tech, Engineering Skills

It is claimed that the target of the latest US visa law is to motivate more high demand engineering & tech students to move to the country. The same also duly aims to end a major loophole that had been enabling the various visa mills to usher in 1000s of students from abroad to the different unregulated colleges in the US.

The laws offering a 24-month Work Visa extension to the overseas STEM students being mulled over is a big boost for global students and also for the American universities vying to hire students from out-of-the-country.

Overseas Students—Crucial Source Of Income

Colleges in the US accept the truth that overseas students bring in the much needed income for them. It is because most such students don’t depend on either federal student loans or institutional scholarships even as they shell-out their complete tuition charge.

Notably, India and China are two major sources of students landing in the US for study purposes every year.

Overseas Students To Receive 7 More Months To Find Work

Students from abroad, enrolled for various study courses in the US, will be allegedly pleased to obtain 7 additional months for discovering employment.

It will be achievable thanks to the latest law for global tech graduates to reside in the nation for a time-frame of up to three years, in the wake of graduation, for hunting jobs in their associated domains. This decision has reportedly stopped the exile of almost 34,000 overseas tech graduates from the nation.


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