In the backdrop of the latest terror attacks in Paris and elsewhere, the issue of the so-called Muslim terror has raised its head again. And, the alleged radicals from the non Muslim nations seem determined to make the most of the situation, and fan anti-Muslim sentiments, for petty political gains.

As per the statistics made available from the 2013 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 'Yearbook of Immigration Statistics', the government proffered 680,000 US Green Cards to the immigrants from the Muslim-dominated countries from 2009 to 2013.

Refugees were amongst those getting the prized Green Cards, leading to widespread calls from one anti-immigration American law maker for a decrease in the figure of the Green Cards being proffered. But, the statistics could allegedly be rather ambiguous in that roughly 50% of immigrants may really already be in the nation, and are changing position to Permanent Residence (PR).

Religion, Terrorism Figures in US

Lately, there has been a great deal of focus by the media on terrorist happenings by Muslims. Some would allegedly claim that this spotlight on a specific faction by politicians and the media is anything but just. It has also been claimed that Islamaphobia is, in point of fact, comparable in several manners to antisemitism. There may be an argument to assert that a great deal of the terrorism--which is claimed to be due to religion--is in reality due to other reasons.

Allegedly, nearly 1% of the total populace in the US is Muslim even as 2.1% of the nation’s population consists of the Jewish people. Hence, the fraction of the US population that comprises of people from these ethnic or religious groups is rather small.

Still, in spite of being just 1% of the people, the Muslim society draws a great deal of interest. And, one would allegedly think from media reporting that a much higher proportion of the population in the nation is "Muslim".

A good number of terror movements in the country do not seem to have much with religion.

US Immigration Statistic Facts

As per the Migration Policy Institute, in 2014, 1.3 million people born abroad moved to the US, representing a rise in 11% from the 1.2 million in 2013. The most important nations of origin for fresh visitors are (in increasing order): Philippines: 40,500, Canada: 41,200, Mexico: 130,000, China: 131,800, and India: 147,500.

The figures from the DHS's Yearbook of Immigration Statistics recognize Bangladesh, Iraq & Pakistan as the leading nations for the Green Cards obtained by the people of the Muslim majority nations.

Across a five-year time-frame, the US offered 83,000 Green Cards to the nationals of Pakistan & Iraq, even as 75,000 were offered to the residents of Bangladesh. While the same is an average of 31,600 per annum, it is less than yearly movement from the Philippines.

Additional Study of Immigration Information

As per the Migration Policy Institute, the data for one specific year tells an exceptionally different tale. During 2013, 54% of the 530,802 people given Green Cards were, in effect, 'status adjusters'--those individuals already staying in the nation before 2013, but whose petitions for Green Card were sanctioned that year.

The Migration Policy Institute discovered that 44% of the beneficiaries were immediate relatives of the American citizens. An additional 21% had obtained a Green Card through a family-sponsored path, while 16% were offered an employment-based green card, like the EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3. Moreover, 12% were adjusted from refugee or asylum position, and an additional 5% happened to be diversity lottery winners.

During 2013, the leading five countries of birth for new US Green Cards were Mexico (14%), India & China (7 % each), and the Philippines (5%), not to mention the Dominican Republic (4%).

Worries Related to Terrorism Used by Anti-Muslim Radicals

As per some anti-immigration observers, the statistics displays the reason why Washington DC has an issue with terrorism. Those observers assert that with Muslim-majority countries obtaining two times as many Green Cards than those from Europe, from 2009 to 2013, it's hardly startling that terrorist threats in the US are pretty widespread.

US green cards enable migrants to officially permitted Permanent Residency in the nation, together with work permission, federal advantages, and the possibility to submit an application for the much sought after citizenship. The nation gives approximately 1 million Green Cards per annum.


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