Australia runs and manages numerous kinds of easy-to-follow visa and immigration categories, but still Michael Pezzullo, the Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), reportedly believes that more needs to be done, to further improve the nation’s visa and immigration system.

He stated that it is a fact that visa and citizenship restructuring is pretty crucial in the country, to confirm that the people, shifting to the hotspot and residing there in on a permanent basis, possess the right to do so.

He also reportedly issued the warning that the visas will be cancelled in case the holders are found to have violated their terms and conditions.

Pezzullo disclosed that over 60,000 visas were annulled in the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year (FY) which were courtesy numerous factors comprising 15,000-plus holders overstaying and 1,900 unlawful employees.

He reportedly opines that the present visa schemes are highly complicated. He informed a new Senate Estimates Committee that visa reorganization is indispensable and obligatory to positively address the complexity of the present visa structure and reform for the future improvement and expansion.

Some improvements are either already in place or will be before long, comprising four new Work Visas to substitute the existing Training and Research Visas and the Temporary Work Visas.

There is also a fresh Subcategory 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa which enables the employees to move to Oz, to undertake temporary, specialized work of a fixed period, and also take part in actions involving the nation’s interests.

Numerous new innovative Tourist Visas will also be launched prior to the end of 2016, comprising a 10-year Multiple Entry Visa. It will have a three month stay time-frame kicking off with a pilot for Chinese citizens but expected to be duly extended.

There have also been many new visas already started comprising a simplified Student Visa framework, planned to certify that the nation’s Student Visa Plan maintain its edge and continues to be globally competitive while encouraging justifiable growth.

According to the DIBP Secretary, it has made the visa application procedure for the real students simpler, cut down formalities for business, and strengthened immigration reliability.

The DIBP launched a new Entrepreneur Visa in the month of September even as the points test for skilled movement has been accordingly improved.

He elucidated that there is a pressing need of an effective immigration compliance and enforcement capability, to prevent, discourage, and manage the tiny minority of those who either do not obey their visa terms &conditions, or present certain risks.

Pezzullo added that the DIBP administers individuals at the borders and also carries out awareness and monitoring drives, to get the most out of the voluntary obedience by the individuals, sponsors and firms with authorized responsibilities.


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