The Australian region of Victoria has decided to restart their international flights on April 8th followed by an extensive overhaul of their hotel quarantine program. This revived program of the state will accept a total of 800 returned travelers per week prior to ramping up of 1120 arrivals on April 15th. This development in Australia immigration to Victoria has taken place due to the capacity and completion of a ventilation system which is newly developed.

Following this revamped system, a number of works will happen like the upgrade of exhaust fans. This has happened because the ventilation was the major reason to be blamed for the last virus outbreak of the state. Acting Police Minister Danny Pearson stated that the ventilation evaluation has been "vigorous" in nature, with staff analyzing each room.

 He stated "This has been COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria (CQV) going room by room, floor by floor, to check on each and every room to make sure that when you open a door air flows in, rather than flowing out to the corridor".

Since February 14th Passenger flights have not come, when COVID-19 once again moved out of the hotel quarantine system which sparked Holiday Inn cluster and encouraging a snap five-day lockdown. The cause of the outbreak is a medical device known as nebulizer which was used by an infectious man inside quarantine.

The aerosolized particles that were carrying the virus of corona which were suspended in the air were the cause of this spread on the hotel floor. The government of Australia confirmed that the ventilation evaluation of the hotel will be finished by April. The recommendations consist of improving air flow from corridors to hotel rooms as well as making sure that each and every guest room has enough seals and exhaust fans.

 A Safer Care Victoria statement mentioned "There is an evolving understanding that ventilation systems may need to meet higher standards" Other additional changes which was a part of this overhaul are enhanced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements across all hotels,  along with 2,200 staff requirement to wear N95 masks as a result. Also, a new online system will come in to place to contact 'map' staff and their households with a new QR code system.

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