A great deal of the campaign of the Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has reportedly focused on the US immigration. His movement has pledged to return jobs to the nationals of the US "taken" by unlawful immigrants and outsourced to overseas nations by Multinational Companies (MNCs). Those voters, anxious about overseas movement to the nation, are some of most crucial backers and fans of Trump.

But, a news report carried in a leading US daily hints that Trump favors overseas labor force, vis-à-vis the US inhabitants, employing overseas guest employees from some specific nations, like Romania, to fill job-openings at a Florida based venue held by him.

A different report in a new leading daily during the year gone by claimed that 100s of Polish unlawful immigrants had been utilized over 30 years back to develop Trump Tower. The said report also claimed that the unregistered Polish employees were not only over worked but also not paid well.

Overseas Guest Employees On US H-2B Non-immigrant Visas

Except a few odd cases, the property owned by Trump has tended to fill employment-openings with a large number of foreign guest employees from Romania and other overseas nations, chiefly utilizing the H-2B Visa Plan.

As per the concerned department of the country, Trump's firm has applied for more than 500 visas for foreign employees at the property since 2010. In the meantime, a large number of US candidates were dismissed for the identical jobs.

Notably, the visas are given principally through some US non-immigrant visa schemes, even as this include the H-1B, H-2A, and H-2B Visa Plans, which enable recruiters/firms to provisionally enlist overseas labor force. As component of the visa application procedure, petitions for either temporary labor certification or labor condition petitions are submitted at the Labor Department.

Foreign Manpower On Temporary Work Visas Can Just Work For 1 Recruiter

Some people assert that foreign guest employees are an eye-catching proposition for recruiters/firms with the reason being they are basically a 'captive workforce.' It's a condition that foreign labor force is paid the Labor Department-sanctioned 'prevailing wage' for the job responsibility and the place. As is characteristic with employment associated visas one is only allowed to do a job for the recruiter/firm sponsoring the visa.

It denotes that workers on a non-immigrant visa, like the H-2B Visa, are powerless to move to a different job with a superior wage, minus first getting a fresh visa endorsement. As per a report, because of the same, overseas guest employees frequently feel unable to protest about exploitation for the dread of losing their job.

As per the US Labor Department, the venues of Trump have made frequent requests for overseas guest employees for the last 15 years.


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