As per a report brought out by a well-known US manufacturing publication, at present, there is a pressing need of more qualified immigrants on the US work visas in the nation’s manufacturing industry. According to the author of the report, it’s an open secret that the country has a severe famine of trained toolmakers & machinists.

Allegedly, the troubles in hiring highly-skilled overseas manpower is turning out to be more of a complexity, vis-à-vis accessing funds, and spawning customer demand.

The dearth of talent inside the US manufacturing industry has been well-documented even while the famine of the highly-trained labor force in the domain is thanks to several causes.

Number 1, the shutdown of factories by the US firms, and shifting jobs abroad to low-cost nations denoted that manufacturing was hardly a judicious career choice in the country.

Number 2, parents and counselors are motivating high school graduates to enroll for liberal arts degrees, and move into careers in professional services, instead of manufacturing opportunities where the manpower is needed to get their hands pretty soiled and manufacture goods.

Critical Observations

Alas it is a fact that it is tremendously tricky, if not unfeasible, to acquire a work visa to do a job as a machinist in the country. Maybe, one could be in a position to come under the H-2B Visa for trained or untrained non-agricultural employees. But, this is not easy to get and could only be accessible to work in the US for comparatively short time-tables.

Though the EB-3 employment based immigration category could be possible, it takes many years in the processing time. Given the fact that machinist work is not graduate level work, the H-1B Visa Plan requires to be duly changed, in case people want to get admission using the visa. In the present state there are most likely no appropriate visas obtainable.

Not Many Manufacturing-related Schemes at Trade Schools

Since not much manufacturing is carried out in the US presently, Free asserts that trade schools have discarded their manufacturing-related schemes, thanks to a lack of interest, which has left firms badly trying to latch on to their present crop of employees. Even as numerous trade schools have since re-booted their schemes, via employing more apprentices, as per the report author, the measures adopted are not very fast to decrease the skills deficiency for some time.

For trade schools and apprenticeships to have a really significant effect on the requirements of today's manufacturing business, it will take several years for those employees to get the required experience, to learn the machining and tool-making trades.

Besides, one requires exceptionally experienced individuals for the apprentices to train under, with a view to be trained in the skill, flair and ropes of the trade.

Though the author is reportedly advising those manufacturing firms outsourcing work to low-cost nations, to bring manufacturing back to the US, he allegedly accepts that in case the same does return--while the talent and infrastructure are not in place—re-shoring would not make much sense.

Manufacturing Workers Copious in Asia

As per the report author, the Asian region has abundant talent as that's where a good figure of the nation’s manufacturing work make its way. The nations of Asia haven't just been producing products at a scorching speed; they have been producing skilled talent also. The US requires that talent even as countless Asians would not let go the chance to stay in the US for some years.

Testing the Overseas Talent Bank for Manpower

As if to drive the message home further, the report author states that he tested this hypothesis by running job announcements in the nation of Taiwan looking for skilled machinists for his own firm. He was exceedingly specific about the skill-sets required. He could not keep a track of all the apparently qualified replies.

On the contrary, for the same announcement back home in the US, he only irregularly receives an answer from an individual with the expertise & experience required. Still, he did accept that even as interest from trained foreign employees was pretty high, he did get a overflowing response from young individuals wishing to study the trade.


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