Are you interested to work in the US? If yes, then this news report is particularly for you! From April 1, 2016 onwards, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will start admitting petitions for H1B Work Visas. So, make the needed preparations without any delay!

Since the H1B Work Visa yearly allocation gets duly filled inside the first week of the filing eligibility, you will do well to submit an application earlier, for keeping away from frustrations afterward.

During the year gone by, the Immigration US received requests in far surplus of the total yearly allocation, inside a brief span of the first week of the filing procedure. And it resulted in a random lottery kind selection arrangement by the USCIS. Reportedly, as many as 233,000 US H1B Visa applications made their way to the USCIS during the last gone by.

Every year, the USCIS has fixed the yearly limit on the receipt of the total US H1B Work Visa applications presented during any financial year even while 65,000 is the yearly limit on the H1B visa petitions for the present fiscal. And out of the same, 6,800 are meant to be duly set aside for the people of Chile & Singapore under the Free Trade Agreements with these specific countries.

Apart from this, there is an yearly reserved allocation of 20,000 H1B Visa applications for those with a Master’s Degree or a advanced degree by any recognized American university or college.

Eligibility for the Master’s Limit

It’s a successful Master’s Degree plan, prior to the filing date by the involved worker. This yearly allocation of 20,000 H1B Visas does not get filled up as early as the general H1B quota of 65,000.

In case the USCIS receives over 20,000 H1B Visa petitions, a separate lottery procedure is employed. A random selection arrangement is utilized for the Master’s limit applications, prior to carrying-out the normal H1B Visa lottery.

And, a Master’s limit application, which is not chosen in the Master’s lottery procedure, shall have the eligibility for getting picked-up in the standard H1B Visa lottery.

Exceptions to H1B Visa Limit

Present H1B Visa employees are not bound by the H1B Visa yearly limit. Besides others not bound by the yearly visa limit comprise the US H1B Visa employees making their position bigger, moving from one H1B recruiter/firm to another, changing the terms & conditions of the present US H1B work, or presenting any second H1B Visa position.

The yearly H1B Visa limit does not affect the overseas people trying to get hired for any higher education establishment, for any affiliated or associated non-profit group or any non-profit research body or government research groups, as these people are not bound by the limit.


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