The US Church does not allegedly seem to agree with the billionaire real estate mogul and one to beat for the Republican nomination for the US Presidency, Donald Trump’s strong immigration views.

Notably, Trump keeps on being in the headlines for his rather extreme opinions on the US immigration plan. His drive has involved many assaults--both on Mexicans & the followers of Islam.  This is regardless of requiring unlawful immigrant Mexicans to proffer their professional services at the many construction locations of Trump, and requiring financial backing from well-off Muslims.

Trump has reportedly not spared even Pope Francis' recent trip to Mexico claiming that the latter doesn't comprehend the specific Mexico-US immigration circumstances. The Pope hinted that the real estate magnate is anything but a good Christian, post the latter reportedly pledged that a border wall would be erected, to prevent Mexicans from gaining entry into the US.

It would allegedly seem that Trump's own Presbyterian Church agrees more with the Pope's opinions on the subject of immigration. Reportedly, the management of the Presbyterian Church has severely condemned Trump.

Anti-immigration Stance Against Christian Principles

As per the Presbyterian Church (USA), into which the republican candidate was duly baptized when he was a kid, claims that his uncompromising position on US immigration is not in line with its philosophy. According to a concerned person, the Bible is pretty clear--the followers of the faith have to be concerned about the deprived.

Presbyterian Church USA Supports Immigration Reorganization

Allegedly, the Presbyterian Church had voted many times in favor of all-inclusive US immigration restructuring even as it had been doing the same since the 1990s. Complete US immigration reorganization would offer a path to legal standing for the 11 million unregistered aliens presently living in the country.

The guiding principles of the Church are against Trump's opinions. The billionaire is alleged to want to exile all unregistered migrants. But, a new opinion piece hints that Trump would expel unregistered migrants only to enable most of them to come back lawfully; aside from those having criminal backgrounds.

The Church stated that its own policy is to aggressively egg on US immigration improvement.

Community Difference Between Trump, Pope On Immigration

Sometime back, the Republican Presidential candidacy leader rubbed the religious community the wrong way when he got involved with an incredibly public fight with Pope Francis. Even though the latter didn't talk about Trump by name, he made an awfully clear mention of him at the end of his trip to Mexico.

The Pope declared a person who is simply interested in erecting walls, wherever they could be, and not of erecting bridges, is anything but a Christian. However, the Vatican speedily moved to calm down the condition. Still, the Pontiff’s observations didn't seem to daunt the billionaire real estate magnate who portrayed them as beautiful.

Allegedly, the Republican Presidential candidacy leader's antics, related to US immigration rule, may cost dear and lose him backing amongst the religious Republican followers.


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