As per a report, recruiters/firms throughout the US construction segment are leaving no stones unturned whatsoever to keep hold of the overseas-born manpower with US citizenship plans and additional motivations.

A person, who works for a Dallas roofing firm, is reportedly working to cut-down labour turnover and make his immigrant coworkers US citizens. Like several other construction groups, the firm is heavily dependent on US immigration, hiring numerous Mexico-born employees who are apt to perform the lower-wage physical jobs on building sites that lots of US nationals allegedly don't want to get involved with. The firm in question is finding it difficult to engage sufficient employees to meet requirement.

Citizenship Plan

Overseas-born workers of the said firm who live in the US can have a loan of $900 to submit an application for citizenship. And, in case the worker continues to be with the firm for an additional 12 months there is no requirement to pay back the loan.

As component of the process, the concerned person mentioned elsewhere reportedly completes application forms for citizenship and quizzes candidates employing the questions found on the nation’s naturalization test.

It would seem his method is allegedly paying off handsomely. At present, 22 workers of the firm in question have been offered the prized US citizenship, thanks mainly to his sincere efforts in the direction.

US Skilled Worker Famine

The firm’s approach to the US immigration is in severe contrast to the icidic language being used through the presidential drive trail. Republican aspirants, and Donald Trump specifically, are reportedly on an assignment of sorts to surpass each other and take advantage of anti-immigrant sentiment, with a view to get support.

Trump has allegedly many preposterous observations about the Mexicans. He has also urged for a wall to be erected between Mexico and the US. But, as per a report in a leading US newspaper, the gag in Texas is that in case Trump actually wishes to build wall between the two nations, he will have no option except to first throw the borders wide open to find adequate labor force to do the work.

As per the firm in question, the US construction business does not get harmed from too many Mexican builders, but too little. American building groups and immigrants from Mexico stand to benefit from US immigration reorganization, and not lose out.

The firm also pointed-out that the US construction segment is in emergency. Though the sector makes a contribution of 4% to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a constant dearth of workers denotes that even though wages are becoming better, movement is becoming slower.

According to a study 86% of the 1,358 firms surveyed had made great efforts to fill openings and the same is a 3% increase, in respect of 2014. As many as 7 out of 10 building contractors had major difficulties locating skilled carpenters, 60% had to made rigorous efforts to hire electricians, even as 56% had severe difficulty hiring roofers.


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