The Tier 2 Visa Scheme has come in for praise while the plans to put restrictions on the visa have been declared an unwise one by a recently concluded study.  As per the research, the UK immigration system is placed at the seventh spot for its capacity to draw, grow and keep hold of the highly-trained manpower from abroad.
As per the Global Talent Competitiveness Index, the nation had hung on to its 2014 order as the seventh most talent competitive nation across the globe.

Remarkably, the report was brought out approximately the same time as the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) appraisal into the nation’s Tier 2 Visa structure was brought out. The MAC reportedly advocates that London would do well to do something to further check the Tier 2 Visa.

UK Immigration Excellent at Drawing Foreign Owned Enterprises

As per the study, the UK also ranks fourth among the nations that are most expected to exert a pull on the foreign owned firms, even as it found itself at the seventh position on the list as the most expected to create a center of attention for the students from out-of-the-country.

But, the UK was way down the list for certain additional factors, like for instance, drawing female graduates for which it was positioned at the 56th spot, while slipping down more still for the gender wages gap to the 71st spot.

Britain Unsurpassed for Drawing Trained Migrants

Allegedly, the study emphasizes how the Island Nation is a key leading country in the world for drawing qualified migrants, via its Tier 2 immigration path, giving the nation the workers it requires to constantly develop a robust economy.

Tier 2 Visa Evaluation by Migration Advisory Committee

Given the MAC's evaluation presently in the public domain, British firms face a nervous wait to find what fresh immigration checks the Home Office introduces. Reportedly, the MAC assessment has made numerous suggestions to make the Tier 2 Visa path stricter as component of the incumbent Premier, David Cameron's, plans to decrease UK immigration figures to the 10s of 1000s.

A great deal of the focus of the MAC has been duly aimed at swelling the Tier 2 Visa income threshold for most occupations to 30,000 Pounds from 20,800 Pounds; for entry level professions, it has been suggested that a lower threshold of 23,000 Pounds could be put in place for graduates.

Proposals for an immigration skills charge of 1,000 Pounds every year have also been proposed as component of the assessment, which allegedly would incentivize British job-providers/firms to make an investment in training British manpower, instead of depending on overseas manpower.

UK Immigration Would Become Even More Preventive

The Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer Visa has also come under attack by the MAC, which one observer portrayed as 'deplorable.' Allegedly, the ICT route has been one of the major successes for welcoming outstanding talent to the nation.

But, most of the Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship end up with individuals either involved with IT or into IT-associated jobs. Balance of workers arriving into the British economy has moved even as the same is not incredibly well-balanced at all presently.

Administration’s pronouncement to target the Tier 2 Visa path has struck a lot of businesses as strange, predominantly since the Tier 2 Visa Scheme allegedly accounts for such a tiny percentage of migration to the nation.

During 2014, only 15,000 General Tier 2 Visas were given, and 36,500 Tier 2 intra-company transfers offered even while the combined total of 51,500 is a not a big proportion of the general UK immigration figures.

It is also claimed that Switzerland, Luxembourg, & Singapore are comparatively small nations with a global reach, and by explanation they would import trained labor force. The only one above Britain with a populace of any size is the US and, given the economy of the latter, it is hardly astounding that they are at the top.

Significantly, Switzerland, Singapore and Luxembourg in that order led the talent competitiveness list. While the US occupied the fourth spot, the Nordic Nation of Denmark was placed at the fifth spot even as Sweden followed it at the sixth spot.


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