It is alleged that the latest UK Tier 2 Visa laws will not be in the overall interests of the nation; the same will particularly damage the manufacturing industry in Britain.
As per the Engineer--a well-known publication for Britain’s manufacturing segment--the latest Tier 2 Visa regulations, that comes into force on April 6, this year, will not do any good to the country’s manufacturing business; in fact, these would harm it.

In particular, the UK immigration’s plans to start a higher salary threshold to attain Permanent Residence (PR) fixed at 35K British Pounds, will see low income migrants exiting the nation’s shores.

Significantly, the latest Tier 2 Visa legislation, which will be started for indefinite leave to remain petitions under the Tier 2 (General) visa class, and the Tier 2 (Sportsperson) and the Tier 2 (Minister of Religion) Visa streams, is being strongly opposed in an online appeal. Remarkably, the appeal has already attracted 72,000 signatures.

The appeal advises the in-office British Home Secretary, Theresa May, to bring curtains down on the latest Tier 2 Visa laws, which make it much more harder for several individuals to fulfill the requirements for the UK settlement (a different term for indefinite leave to remain), most visibly those taking home less than 35,000 Pounds per annum.

UK Immigration Package to Cut Down Net Migration Figures

The publication portrays the latest regulations as component of a package of measures tailored to cut down net immigration to the nation. The latest statistics made available by the concerned body, the Office for National Statistics (ONS), puts the net immigration figure at 330,000 in the year to March 2015. The number is over three times higher, in relation to the desired goal of the administration.

Of course, the secretary has steadfastly shielded the latest Tier 2 Visa pay threshold, asserting that the same will serve the nation’s economy in an improved way, via drawing just the brightest & best visitors to the country.

PR 35,000 Pounds Salary Condition Resisted

Still, there is no dearth of critics; the 35K Pounds salary threshold is not minus opposition, with a growing figure of the UK business heads openly airing their resistance to the limit, which is remarkably more than the average British income of 26,500 Pounds.

As per The Engineer, detractors have depicted the income threshold as unjustly draconian, with numerous claiming the same will have a demoralizing impact on several businesses which depend considerably on trained manpower from outside the limits of the European Union (EU).

Dearth of Skills In Engineering A Worry

According to the publication, the UK engineering segments are plagued with an unceasing skills famine. During 2015, a well known British organization claimed that there will be a requirement of 1 million fresh engineers in the nation over the coming 5 years. Against the backdrop of the cut-throat fight for home-grown skills, engineering recruiters are growingly fanning out abroad to hire individuals with the skills they require.

Skills Review

As per a skills survey, 29% of the British manufacturers are not certain if they will be really in a position to enlist trained engineers from within the resident manpower. In addition, the research discovered that 1 out of 10, or 9% of the manufacturers, stated they were making plans to take into service workers from outside Europe over the coming three years.

Despite the UK engineering wages increasing above the national average, as per The Engineer, some indispensable non-EU immigrants required to fill job-openings will be taking home less than 35K Pounds even as per a study done by The Engineers, last year, discovered that the average wage for a junior professional stands at 32K Pounds.

Latest Immigration Regulations for Tier 2 Visa Visitors

The latest pay threshold will be applicable to persons eager to reside in the nation on a permanent basis (indefinite leave to remain), post 5 years of service. Those who fail to fulfill the latest minimum income threshold will require finding some different way in which to live in Britain, or perhaps extend the validity of their Tier 2 Visa by an additional year, and afterwards leave post a total of 6 years in Britain.


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