As per a report, Ian Dunt, the editor of a well-known Internet publication, has started a biting attack on Migration Watch UK, for allegedly forging the realities related to UK immigration. Allegedly, Migration Watch--which portrays itself as a sovereign, non-political think tank--is strongly anti-immigration.

Dunt thoroughly depicts the way the organization screws-up the facts related to immigrants only to employ them as a stick. Throughout the EU Referendum drive, deceptive reports and reports issued by Migration Watch resulted in much media hype. The same made the pronouncement by Britain to exit the EU more possible.

As per Dunt, Migration Watch and the British media have a deep connection. Allegedly, his observations ring true, against the backdrop of the fact that Migration Watch, over and over again, releases reports that incite alarm, making blown up claims involving the figure of immigrants gaining admission into the nation, and how much the same is proving costly for the common taxpayers.

As per Dunt, the media is liable to treat the reports, brought out by Migration Watch, as highly regarded pieces of academic study. He claims that the organization’s study is anything but that, claiming Migration Watch contrives to manufacture whatever sound contortion is needed to turn truths, related to immigrants, into a stick to punish them with.

He added that they'll say something, or take no notice of everything, with a view to turn the country’s political discussion against migrants.

Critical Observations

As per a well-known observer and critic, the various reports & opinions from Migration Watch are treated with far greater deference than should be the case.

The organization, Migration Watch, claims that it is a sovereign & non-political think tank. But this is exceedingly deceptive as it is a body that runs several drives from time to time to cut-down the levels of immigration into the country, and produces extremely incorrect reports that aid them spread bogus anti-immigration misinformation.

The critic added that a key reason why Migration Watch receives more reliability than would otherwise be the case is because Andrew Green, Baron Green of Deddington, happens to be the Chairman and Founder. On October 21, 2014, the in-office Premier David Cameron made public that the then Sir Andrew Green would be made a life peer, most probably in a suspicious effort to draw backing from the anti-immigration advocates.
Despite the fact that Migration Watch--brought into existence in December 2001--should have continued to be a vague organization, it appears that it one again and again produces exceedingly misleading anti-immigration misinformation. And, for several years it will be taken rather sincerely by the press even while his founder will be eventually made a life peer.

The same duly contrasts with some genuine groups & websites which do not get high acceptance and approval from the Government as they expose deceit in the various Government Departments, and a body duly sponsored by the UK Home Office.


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