Tier 2 Visa System of the UK has often been criticized for compromising with the national economy and damaging UK’s reputation in the world as a nation which welcomes trained workers and talented people from across the globe.  

A new report says the same thing. As per it, the British House of Commons' Home Affairs Select Committee has declared that the UK Tier 2 Visa structure is unfit for use. The observations were from Keith Vaz MP Chairman of the Committee, in a biting report brought out by the Committee, on the administration's Tier 2 Visa limit on hiring trained manpower from outside the territorial limits of the European Union (EU).

The Committee reportedly stated that the yearly Tier 2 Visa cap, which at present stands at 20,700, has had the unwanted effect of motivating employment of the EU Citizens from other nations of the EU while making it rather hard for firms to sign up qualified employees with the expertise required in Britain from outside the jurisdictions of the EU.

The administration has been advised not to entertain additional Tier 2 Visa checks by the British business society. But, some Government ministers are keen to bring in new Tier 2 Visa checks early this year allegedly in an effort to touch Premier, David Cameron's goal of bringing net migration to less than 100000 per annum by 2020. Still, as per the latest numbers, levels of net migration have touched a historic yearly rate of 336,000.

Appraisal Of UK Immigration Rule

The release of the Tier 2 Visa report reportedly provoked a well-known business group to call for a total evaluation of the UK immigration strategy. They blamed the regime for establishing impractical targets that made it fairly impractical to put in place an immigration structure that works to the advantage of the British business & the economy.

Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, reportedly proclaimed that an abrupt choice to make it pretty easier for qualified nurses to gain admission in the UK, by making the profession a part of the shortage occupation list, by Home Secretary, showed that the Tier 2 Visa structure is unfit for the object.

He indicated that having touched the monthly limit in June this year, one saw the twisted influences of the arrangement, as the cap proffers preference to job responsibilities with higher wages. In the month of June, nurses were barred from offering their professional services in Britain, which prompted the administration to provisionally ease curbs to enable staffing to carry on.

He added that despite the fact that the temporary steps were welcomed, it's not hidden that the Tier 2 Visa arrangement may have led to a staffing disaster across the NHS this winter. An arrangement that prompts rushed adjustments, with a view to remain useful, is unfit for use. Fairly simply, nurses ought to stay put on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL).

As per Vaz, the administration put yearly limit is not proving helpful. Actually, he termed the limit 'counterproductive.' Capping the figure of Tier 2 General permits given is not having much of an impact on cutting down net levels of overseas movement.

Net Migration Figures of Britain

New net migration numbers corroborate that roughy 33% of a million persons gained admission in the nation in the year to June 2015. That's a figure approximately the equal of the volume of the populace of Cardiff, Wales. The Tier 2 yearly permit limit of 20,700 represents a tiny fraction of total movement into Britain.

Vaz, along with other observers, assert that the limit stops the staffing of individuals with vital skills required by UK businesses which prove useful to the national economy. When a monthly allocation is touched, job-providers/firms are powerless to make use of the badly required trained manpower from outside the territorial limits of the EU.

Meanwhile, a Home Office spokesperson has stated that recommendations made by the Home Affairs Select Committee will be duly considered. Still, ministers have added that traditionally it has been rather easy for the British firms to enlist labor force from abroad instead of investing in the local manpower.


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