Beating all the speculations and negativity around the US Immigration restrictions, President Trump coming up with a merit-based immigration system for effective selection of skilled professionals. The official statement announced soon after Trump proclaimed that, “he is working on an executive order on immigration that will also include road to citizenship”

If this executive order comes into effect, this will be a historic decision for both U.S. and Immigration industry. The country was once an immigration despising country with policies surrounding imposing strict norms of immigration, but now the same country is planning to employ merit-based immigration system due to the need of the hour.

USA may follow the footprints of the highly successful immigration systems of Canada & Australia that has an effective merit-based system (commonly known as Points-Based Immigration system) to select candidates. The merit system emphasizes more on skills, experience and qualification of the candidates who meet job market standards of a country.

Trump opined that, “his policy on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is going to be part of a much bigger bill on US immigration which will have merit-based bill. And, I think people are going to be very happy". He further added, “The merit-based immigration system is also intend to further protect US workers”.

U.S. Supreme Court has given tremendous powers to Trump that could take in 700,000 or so people under DACA. Since, DACA is a small part of the bigger picture of merit-based US Immigration, the quota is expected to reach historic high.

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