Australia seems to be happy with its tough stand on the issue of illegal boat arrivals which allegedly has been highly successful from the Australian perspectives.

Immigration is a rather hot issue in nations all over the globe with people smugglers active in several areas. Only some years back one saw 100s of water vessels arriving on the nation’s shores with 10s of 1000s of prohibited immigrants who had given money to smugglers to get them there. Countless people perished at sea making efforts to reach the nation.

The present Australian regime took a pretty hard posture even while it stated it would send back the vessels. As per some reports, there were even some announcements informing individuals that the Kangaroo Land was saying No, and it would be really better in case they desist from imagining they have an automatic authority to a new life in Oz.

It is now 600 days since the last fruitful people smuggling venture hit the country’s shores and Peter Dutton, the Minister for Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) hailed the pronouncement to be strong a big success.

Dutton disclosed that even though since the month of December 2013 nearly 25 boats with 698 persons have made efforts to reach Australia, they have been sent back and those on the ship returned to their nation of exit safe and sound. In addition, 57 people smuggling ventures have been disturbed prior to removal leading to an additional 1,900 persons not attempting a dangerous trip.

Still, one cannot take that accomplishment for granted, and it is vital to remain watchful and firm, the people smugglers will try to take any chance to re-start their wicked and unsafe business. Just in recent weeks the nation’s Border and Defence Forces have productively foiled two smuggling projects on the seas to Oz’s North West, the minister added.

The nation’s intelligence notifies there are 14,000 individuals placed in Indonesia alone who are ready to board vessels and try to travel unlawfully to Down Under. Any possible traveler should listen to the note clearly that the boats making efforts to illegally gain admission into the country will be sent back even while no one arriving unlawfully by boat will ever stay in Down Under, Dutton further stated.

The minister also elucidated that the other advantage of stopping the boats was a halt to new prohibited arrivals being placed in detention, and a decrease in figures of those already in confinement. While there were 10,000 in detention at the height of the vessel arrivals, the same has presently nose-dived to less than 700.

Most individuals in detention at this time happen to be the bikies, visa over-stayers, and the wrong-doers who are outsiders the government is removing from the country, to make the Australian societies fairly safer, he concluded.


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