Regardless of many amendments made to the Tier 2 points-based arrangement for the trained employees, prompted by a new Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) report, James Brokenshire--the incumbent British immigration minister—has reportedly proclaimed that the amendments will have no effects whatsoever on the working rights of the dependants of the Tier 2 Visa holders. The Permits Foundation has hailed the decision.

The latest Tier 2 Visa laws--the first of which became effective on April 6, 2016—comprise an augmentation in the bare minimum salary threshold for the trained Tier 2 General manpower to 25,000 British Pounds while the bare minimum salary threshold for the holders of the Tier 2 intra-company transfer short term visa has been raised to 30,000 Pounds. But, there is immunity for the graduate trainees, where the minimum salary threshold has been cut down to 23,000 Pounds. A second batch of improvements will reportedly come into force in April, next year.

An appraisal into the working rights of the dependants of the Tier 2 Visa holders was one of five regions that the British administration reportedly ordered the MAC to explore, in an effort to lessen immigration figures. Simultaneously, the UK Immigration maintains they are keen to draw the brightest & best overseas talent to the nation. The MAC advocated that the working rights of the dependents of the Tier 2 Visa holders ought to remain, courtesy in part to the demonstrations made by the Permits Foundation.

Tier 2 Visa Permits Foundation Review

During the month of October 2015, the body in question reportedly carried-out a study into the working rights of the Tier 2 Visa dependants--an examination that divulged irresistible support for the right of partners of the exceedingly trained manpower from outside the shores of the European Union (EU) to be able to do a job in Britain.

As a self-governing, non-profit body, the Permits Foundation reportedly battles all over the world to try and check that partners of the qualified immigrants are offered the permission to work when they go overseas with their spouse.

The body compiled a report on the basis of the finding of its study--facts that were presented to the MAC for their immigration assessment. The report was based on the replies of 1063 participants, hired by more than 130 groups across many industry segments, in addition to universities and research facilities. Nearly 540 participants (just more than 50%), in Britain on a Tier 2 Visa, had partners that are also provided work for in Britain.

A high proportion of the respondents (77%) reportedly declared that in case their partner lacked the right to work in the UK, they would have been doubtful to accept their present job responsibility. In addition, roughly every of the main Tier 2 Visa holders affirmed that having a spouse doing a job in Britain too, aided them adjust to the life in the country and also having a helpful influence on family bonds, and the health and happiness of the overseas spouse.


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