As per a report, the state of South Australia (SA) may eventually emerge as the place to shift to in the nation in case some specific new plans fructify to lift investment and generate new employment opportunities there in.

Significantly, SA is not forever the clearest place for individuals to shift to. Its capital Adelaide boasts of only 1.6 million people even as international qualified experts are likely to shift to bigger Australian cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

However, at the present leading to the Australian General Election in the month of July, this year, the in-office Coalition Administration reportedly stated that it will do more to boost SA to draw people not only from other areas of the country but from across the globe.

The government has reportedly promised to produce 1,200 new scholarships for the undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational educational students, to undertake studies in the state, even while this will be duly matched by the recruiters/job-providers providing internships that bring genuine world experience to their studies and offer links to actual jobs post studies.

The South Australian Enterprise Scholarship Programme is viewed as an opportunity to SA and the nation in general has the people and expertise to deliver and capitalize on the country’s defence industry plan which will witness fresh employment opportunities made in new businesses.

Over 15,000 new employment opportunities have been produced in the state since the Coalition made its way to administration with 7,000-plus jobs produced in 2016, and this figure is set to increase in some specific industries, like naval ship building and advanced manufacturing, for instance.

Every state in Oz brings out a list of professions where there are famines and are so entitled for visa sponsorship to draw suitably qualified and trained labor force from abroad. The same is due to be brought up-to-date on July 04, 2016.

The administration of SA reportedly supports trained employees from out-of-the-country via Immigration SA, and it has joined hands with Specialist Migrant Services (SMS) to proffer backing to trained personnel who bring precious knowledge, expertise, and experience to the region.

The services given by the SMS comprise, among others, employment seminars, individualized job hunt support, overseas qualification evaluations, and help with trade recognition ways.

According to a spokesperson, even as skilled migrants are job seeking in their latest dwelling in SA, the SMS can assist them have their overseas qualifications duly reviewed, and offer them support to locate skilled opportunity in the state. He added that the SMS can also aid recruiters/firms who are facing some problems in filling skilled openings to skills match and discover appropriate job ready aspirants duly cataloged with the Service.

The spokesperson also reportedly indicated that while the state nominated skilled migrants possess the skills that are in demand, nomination does not, in any manner, assure them a job. It is compulsory that they fight for job with other possible workers.


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