Another wonderful news report coming from Canada!

Global Talent Stream (GTS) to Be Permanent

The nation is set to make the popular Global Talent Stream (GTS) Programme a permanent feature. Tailored perfectly for the global skilled workers, it provides a speedy and stress-free corridor to work in the hotspot.

Numerous aspiring Indian applicants will further gain from this development. Many Indian candidates presently based in the US- with a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) background-will exploit the development and take advantage of the ballooning opportunities. 

Excellent Visa Programme for Skilled Talent

As mentioned earlier, the programme is very swift: it takes only two weeks to process the applications presented by the sponsoring recruiters/employers.

Adding to the appeal of the programme further is the fact that those drafted under the GTS route obtain helpful employment experience in the overseas hotspot, and this provides them with an advantage when they apply for Canada Permanent Residency Visa (PR), through the famed and highly efficient points based system, called Express Entry Programme.

Skilled Indians Most Welcome in Canada

Indian Candidates Biggest Beneficiaries

Available data shows that Indian candidates led the list when it came to getting Invitations to Apply (ITA) for PR under the Express Entry Programme. Out of the 86022 invites sent by the IRCC during 2017, applicants with Indian citizenships received close-to 42% or 36310 invites. During 2018, Indians again dominated. They obtained as high as 41000-odd invites, in the process, showing a jump of 13% in their numbers.

A country wise break-up of those who obtained visas under GTS and through the pilot period is not accessible. However, a close review implies that an important figure of the recipients had Indian citizenships, and this included many H-1B workers in the US, who were, allegedly, sick of the Green Card Visa log jam, and had moved to the Maple Leaf Country. The occupations qualified under the GTS are vast-and right from scientists to web developers can gain from the programme.

Global Skills Strategy Helping Canada Attract Finest Talents

As per Ahmed Hussen-the incumbent Canadian immigration minister-the nation is drawing some of the most extremely skilled people from across the globe, via its global skills strategy.

The appeal to make the two year pilot project permanent comes in the backdrop of calls to do so from the nation’s mushrooming tech sector even while since its official introduction in 2017, approval has been given to 2000-plus employees. 

According to the budget 2019, GTS has spawned assurances from Canadian recruiters/firms to make 40000 new work opportunities for the Canadian and permanent candidates.

GTS Much More Than Immigration Plan

Allegedly, GTS is much more than an immigration scheme; it is a strategy that firms/groups are following to develop more diverse & ground-breaking teams.

The path is perfect for the innovative firms/groups working on cutting-edge technology.

GTS Scheme Categories

The GTS Scheme has two categories:

Category A- A designated referral partner (like regional development agencies) must validate the sponsoring recruiter (an innovative firm). It is required that the employer is keen to engage exclusive & dedicated talent.

Category B- As per the requirements, the sponsoring recruiters must show that they are keen to fill in occupations on the global talent occupation list, and require extremely skilled global manpower. It is mandatory to fulfill the set wage requirements in both the situations.

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