In a rather important development, many amendments to the well-liked and the widely accepted Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) have reportedly been made public. Yes, you heard it right; Ottawa has affirmed improvements to the Nova Scotia PNP!

For those who came in late, the Nova Scotia PNP permits the soon-to-be immigrants, with the necessary skills and experience required in this province, to move to the country. The province offers Provincial Nominate Certificate even as the same fast-tracks the immigration procedure for the candidates.

Nova Scotia PNP Categories

Three classes for the Nova Scotia PNP are there. Aspirants may submit an application for any of these. Though the Regional Labor Market Demand Stream does not necessitate any employment offer for candidates, the same is required in any of the targeted professions in the province.

The Skilled Worker Category enables petitions from the employment offer holders in Nova Scotia. Low-trained, semi-trained and trained manpower have the eligibility in this specific class.

The Family Business Worker admits aspirants with an offer of job from any close family member residing in the province.

Yearly Upper Limit

There is a yearly limit of 700 immigrants per annum. It is through the NSNP. Nova Scotia has asked for augmenting the yearly limit. The immigration categories of the Canadian province permit roughly 2,500 immigrants per annum.

As per a proposal, it is essential that every year Nova Scotia receives 7,000 new permanent residents. Responding to the same, the concerned person reportedly stated that there is a plan of the manner individuals from abroad will get admitted every year.

Since the allocations are under the federal administration, increasing yearly limits for the particular province allegedly does remove allotments from other immigration categories.


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