Are you an outsider in Australia and worried over your visa standing, or have you overstayed the legal validity of your visa? If yes, no need to worry! Make contact with the concerned Australian immigration officers and standardize your specific state-of-affairs. Yes, it is possible!

The concerned body, namely, the Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS),makes usual trips to the places outside of the main state capitals to assist the public.

At present, the same is carrying-out outreach trips in Queensland at many places, for instance, where those who lack a legitimate visa and would love to find-out more related to their choices, may come in for assistance.

Sharing more information on the subject, a spokesman for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) reportedly stated that the CSRS is an absolutely free service in the Department that works with those who have either overstayed the legal validity of their visa or possess a Bridging Visa E.

When one contacts the DIBP with either a terminated Australian Visa, or a Bridging Visa E, he may be duly referred to the CSRS in case he requires assistance to resolve his immigration issue. A CSR representative will be in a position to offer information related to his immigration or departure choices, answer his queries, and connect him with bodies for further aid in case there is a requirement for the same, he reportedly elucidated.

The spokesperson also indicated that in case the person cooperates with the DIBP to resolve his specific immigration position, the DIBP may offer him a Bridging Visa E. The same allows the person stay in Oz for a short period while he settles his immigration subject.

The spokesperson also revealed that the DIBP, on a regular basis, carries out compliance activity to find those residing in the area without authorization. In case one is discovered in the society, minus a visa, he may be kept in custody only to be exiled from the nation. Besides, a three year re-entry ban, from making a trip to the country once more, may be slapped on him, he added.

He also stated that those who are contemplating about departing from the nation can do so at any time, even in case they lack a legally binding visa. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) could be in a position to aid those making arrangements to go back home.

But the DIBP spokesperson also issued the warning that anyone who landed in the nation unlawfully by water-vessels, are not allowed to submit an application for a further Bridging Visa.

It is also possible for the individuals to call the CSRS for the necessary details related to either the expired visas or the Bridging Visa E. The same can be done in secret and the public can either search for common information or talk to the operator.


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