Allegedly, the Australian mining and energy sectors proffer a great deal of rewarding and well-paying work opportunities for trained manpower from overseas, and regardless of the claims that the resources business is facing some pressure, the same is likely to keep on doing the same this year.

The new Resources and Energy quarterly report, reportedly, reveals that in the final quarter of 2015 mining alone has improved its role in the national economy of Down Under by 50% over the last 10 years, to 9% from 6% of the GDP.

In 2015-2016, the country’s resources and energy export incomes are predicted to be $166 billion. Despite the fact that these numbers are down on the year gone by, thanks to lower goods prices, export incomes are likely to head north by over 40% to $235 billion in real terms by 2019-2020.

The report shows that mining alone keeps on directly making use of 220,000 persons and several more indirectly, even though it also indicates that short term difficulties remain for these crucial segments.

The report elucidates that slower economic increase in emerging economies is expected to restrict consumption growth and a major price recovery for supplies temporarily.

Still, positive signs are there, most notably that global LNG demand is projected to rise by 8% with Australian exports forecast to rise by 45% to be valued at more than $20 billion in 2015-2016.

Iron ore export volumes of Australia are estimated to head north by 13% in 2016 even while world copper, zinc, & nickel use are each predicted to swell by over 3% this year.

As per the report, the nation’s energy and resources business continues to be an outstanding success story. Oz is the world’s biggest exporter of iron ore proffering an astounding 56% of the total world trade, even as the country is expected to soon emerge as the globe’s biggest coal exporter. Besides, Oz is also projected to emerge as largest exporter of the LNG of the globe by 2020.

The report also asserts that even in a pretty challenging year, approval has been given to roughly 15 missions worth roughly $13 billion, for the purpose of investment, even as there is over $220 billion worth of ventures at the committed stage, and approximately $180 billion of investment at the stage of possibility.

The report concludes that the existing short term hurdles strengthen the focus of the administration on applying initiatives to guarantee these crucial sectors continue to be strong going forward. And, these comprise eradicating $4.5 billion of formalities from the economy, pushing fresh exploration, besides opening new & expanding existing market possibilities.


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