The Quebec province of Canada has introduced an all new integration program to help new immigrants integrate into a new life in the province. The government of Quebec is quite active in helping new arrivals to get the best possible support before and after they arrive in Quebec. Every year, the Quebec government plans to spend $20M on its support program to make immigrants’ arrival in the province a seamless and hassle-free experience. The investment will include the creation of 84 new government jobs, out of which 78 will be the Integration Support Officers and six will be hired as Coordinators.
The integration program is an important milestone in reforming the Quebec Immigration system. According to Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, ““The program values the participation of immigrants to our collective society and the Quebec job market,”. The primary objective of this program is to connect with new immigrants, even before they land in Quebec. The program helps them prepare for their new journey in Quebec, Canada by providing them with the most reliable and trusted source of information about what the province has to offer. To facilitate faster settlement, the program also ensures French language training sessions for newcomers, information on different regions, and other immigration support that can help reduce the anxieties and challenges that newcomers face during the initial days. 
Referring the program, Jolin-Barrette says, “We believe adequate support will lead to a successful integration of immigrants,”. He further stated that, “Every person has unique needs and experiences. The program will help orient these people to the resources they need.” 
Newcomers who enroll for the program will be greeted at the airport upon their arrival and have an appointment scheduled with an Integration Officer within five days of their arrival. 
The purpose of the meeting with the Integration Agent is to determine the individual needs of the newcomer and then customize an action plan accordingly. 
The entire program will follow a series of steps that are mentioned-below:
1. Arrival
2. Francization
3. Integration into the job market
4. Community integration 
The ministry will closely monitor the evaluation process, and then adjust the plan if any need arises. 
In addition to this, immigrants will also be encouraged to participate in the government’s Integration Objective session, for which they will be given an allowance of $185. 
With such measures on-board, one can say that the Government of Quebec is taking every possible means to provide adequate support and guidance to newcomers who migrate to Canada PNP with different reasons and motivations. The program prepares them for their move to Quebec even before landing and comprises the best possible measures to ensure a successful integration of newcomers into the Quebec society. 

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