Here’s a very positive news report for those keen to immigrate to the Canadian Province of Quebec! The love of Canada in general and Quebec in particular for the immigrants continues unabated, or so it seems.

Kathleen Weil, the in-office Immigration Minister of Quebec, has reportedly substantiated that the Government of Quebec will not deviate from its plan to usher-in nearly 51,000 new immigrants to the province next year.

She also offered particulars on a plan to proffer an extra 31 million dollars to the different French language-training schemes for the new entrants. Reportedly, the total government costs in that region will presently be 168 million dollars a year.

Notwithstanding widespread and extensive resistance offered by the different opposition parties, the minister reportedly stressed that the Liberal government's plan to continue the yearly immigration levels over 50,000 is the top course for the province, which has an exclusive immigration accord with the federal administration, whereby it chooses its own economic immigrants. The minster added that she looks forward to boost the figure of the immigrants to the region another time to 52,500 every year by 2019.

The administration plans on having economic immigrants constitute roughly 63% of the new arrivals (at present, it is in the region of 59%). These qualified employees and business people move via a series of schemes, comprising the Quebec Investor Programme, the Quebec Experience Class, and the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP).

On the occasion, and speaking to the press, Weil also reportedly dismissed opposition to her plan from the two chief opposition groups, both of which are spearheaded by the chiefs who have urged for lower levels of immigration, allegedly to defend the perceived dangers to the distinctive individuality of the province.

Weil reportedly stated that she had done as many as three rounds of consultations even as no one ever asked that the government reduce the figure. People just want to certify that there is a plan and an investment will be made in integration and in French language courses even as sincere efforts will be made, to guarantee these persons have a job.

She added that a new job bank--in which immigrants will be in a position to match their specific skills to the obtainable work before they shift--will be brought into existence in 2017.

The province also receives new immigrants via the Canadian Federal Government's Family Reunification Plans, which may see approximately 11,500 persons reuniting with their families in Quebec in 2017.

Lastly, the comparatively big figure of the Syrian refugees was a crucial part of the federal government's 2016 immigration plan, even as the minister reportedly looks forward to get 8,500 additional refugees to the province next year.

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