Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration and Regular Skilled Worker Program released its first draw since the pandemic outbreak by inviting a total of 7 eligible candidates. Though the number of invitation seems petite, but this is positive indication that Quebec has opened all the immigration procedure and coming back to normal. Covid-19 had put a pause button on the Quebec’s immigration process, but this draw gives a green signal.

Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) were granted to those candidates who were first applied to the Regular Skilled Worker Program or they were on study or work permit residing in Quebec. Despite all the speculations, yet they invited seven candidates under the new draw.

To be eligible for Quebec Immigration, candidates need to have submitted their expression of interest with Arrima. Then, the candidate must appear for a Values Test and submit supporting documents. Quebec Immigration Authority (MIFI) will evaluate the profile and issue Quebec Selection Certificate to those who meet specific criteria. You also needed to be either a temporary resident of Quebec or have a valid work or study permit in the province.

What is the Values Test?

As of 1st Jan 2020, all immigration aspirations who wish to settle in Quebec must appear for a Values Test to demonstrate their knowledge of the province’s democratic values. This is a necessary step that follows the submission of a permanent selection application. Candidates will be tested on five key areas:

  • Quebec is a democratic society
  • Quebec is a French-speaking society
  • Quebec is a secular society
  • Gender equality
  • Rights and responsibilities of Quebec residents

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