In what could be called a pretty important development, the incumbent Australian Premier Malcolm Turnbull has reportedly praised the administration’s plan of sending back water vessels having refuge seekers, and termed it (the plan) a big success.

The PM speaking two years since the last boat hit the Australian shores, reportedly stated that the Operation Sovereign Borders has been a rather successful border strategy. He added that secure borders and a nicely administered migration arrangement is the base of confidence on which the thriving multicultural society of Oz is put up.

The in-office Immigration Minister Peter Dutton also hailed the rule, saying since the OSB started, 700 persons from 28 people smuggling missions have been sent back to their nations of exodus. Settlement in Down Under will by no means be an option for those who make efforts to take a tripunlawfully, via vessels.

Dutton added that it is high time that people smugglers took note that Oz’s maritime assets are pretty strongly positioned to spot and send back any people smuggling missions.

As per the intelligence, the government and the patrolling parties must continue to be unyielding since people smugglers are continuing to leave no stones unturned to induce defenseless persons to get on dangerous people smuggling vessels.

He also indicated that the administration will carry on its work with the regional associates to upset people smuggling even as he urged the families in Down Under to inform their dear and near ones abroad to desist from risking their precious lives and squandering away their hard-earned money, by making an effort to arrive illegitimately by boat in the Kangaroo Land.

The tough border protection steps of Australia remain in place even as the government is enormously strong-minded to certify it stays that way, the minister added.

As per an estimate prior to the introduction of the contentious rule there were 50,000 unlawful arrivals on 800 vessels, 1,200 deaths at sea, more than 8,000 kids put into imprisonment, 17 detention centres started, and 11 billion dollars used on border protection.

As per the minister, the policy has re-established security at the border, truthfulness to the immigration scheme, and with it the trust of the nationals of Oz. The present administration has shut down 17 detention centres, and removed every kid from confinement.

Dutton also reportedly pointed out that consequently Canberra is able to improve the yearly refugee intake from 13,750 up to 18,750 by 2018-2019 as the national economy can sustain those extra figures.

Talking about Iraq and Syria and those caught in the terror fire there in, the minister stated that the government has been incredibly conscious of the plight of Christians and other wronged minorities caught in the harsh sectarian clash in these nations. And so Canberra is also giving a red-carpet welcome to 12,000 refugees from the Syrian conflict zone focused on those victimized minorities, he continued.


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