As per a report, some women rights campaigners have heartily welcomed the future amendments to Canada spousal sponsorship laws even as these (amendments) have been made public to be duly introduced by the in-office Canadian immigration minister.

Women rights advocates of the nation feel earlier laws penalized women & racial minorities without cause. Before the planned spousal sponsorship improvements, sponsored partners/spouses obtained just conditional Permanent Residency (PR) standing, post arrival in the country, even as they had to cool their heels for roughly nearly two years, for receiving the PR position.

Some immigration experts have reportedly asserted that the two-year wait in the PR to sponsored partners/spouses of the nationals put fresh immigrants, particularly women immigrants, in weak situation.

The two year waiting time for the sponsored partners/spouses of the nationals allegedly created more difficulties than it was intended to duly solve. The same appeared to proffer motivations to the sponsored partners/spouses for staying in violent relationships just to continue their PR standing.

Against this backdrop, instead of the two-year waiting time for the sponsored partners/spouses of the nationals, it will be better if new instruments are employed by the country’s immigration body and its administration to discourage rampant scam in weddings. As per an immigration lawyer, this could be leaving out alternate weddings carried-out through fax, telephone or the internet.

Future Amendments

According to the planned Canada spousal sponsorship regulations, the two year waiting time for some specific partners/spouses will be brought to an end. It will result in the grant of the PR standing to every overseas partners/spouses on their arrival in the Maple Leaf Country.

Allegedly, weddings of convenience involving the people from India & China are regarded as a risk to the integrity of the nation’s immigration procedure.


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