Phone Scammers are allegedly on the prowl in Australia and blatantly targeting visa holders, especially those from India. Yes, it is true, if we go by the latest claims of the Australian police! The police has reportedly issued a warning in the country that scammers are phoning the public claiming to be immigration authorities and demanding fines be paid, lest they are deported.

Visa holders in Oz are more often than not aware that they should not violate the terms &conditions of their visa even while it can be rather taxing when a supposed immigration officer gets in touch with them. Allegedly, the present scammers call and assert they are from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), and affirm that the individual’s visa, or a family member’s visa will be revoked, and they will be exiled if they do not give a penalty.

As per a police spokesman, the fraudsters appear to be working in the Woolgoolga region and predominantly targeting the Indian society. The spokesman stated that anybody getting a call unexpectedly from a government division ought to be alert.

Though in this instance in case the call relates to buying gift cards the same should be duly brought to the notice of the police, everyone bothered concerning a scam caller can make contact with the DIBP. The spokesman added that anybody with misgivings about the character of any caller who claims to stand for a business, organization or government department must get in touch with the body directly.

The police also indicated that a person can still get scam calls even in case he has a private number or have given his number on the Australian Government’s Do Not Call Register with the reason being the scammers can get hold of the numbers deceitfully or from wherever it has been openly given, like in a phone book.

The spokesman further said that people should not permit scammers put pressure. Scammers utilize comprehensive scripts to induce people that they’re the real deal even as they generate a high pressure condition to decide immediately.

Individuals will also do well to keep their computer security the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and a good firewall and just purchase computer &anti-virus software from a trustworthy source. They should, by no means, share personal, credit card or online account particulars over the phone save they have made the call, and the phone number arrived from a reliable source and never give a stranger distant access to their computer, even in case they state to be from a trustworthy business.

Any person, who is worried that they may have furnished their account particulars to a scammer, must speak to their bank or financial establishment straight away, and any person, who has lost money thanks to this kind of scam, should bring the issue to the notice of their neighboring Police Station.


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