According to a research conducted by The Australian Population Research Institute, the share of the IT experts from India given 457 Visas and paid base wages of 53,900 dollars or less--which is much lower, vis-à-vis the skilled local IT specialists--has become 300% under the incumbent Coalition administration.

As per the report, Immigration Overflow: Why it Matters, the IT specialists are the main single profession represented in the 457 Scheme even while over three-quarters happen to be from India and mostly engaged in the regions of either Melbourne or Sydney.

The findings of the report were reportedly made public recently at the same time as the federal regime made public an evaluation of the Skilled Migration List.

Peter Dutton, the in-office Immigration and Border Protection Minister, has reportedly asked the Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration to duly evaluate the skilled migration plan, to guarantee it better shows "genuine" requirements of the Australian labour market.

The minister stated the appraisal of the Consolidated Sponsored Occupational List was component of improvements to guarantee that the local manpower is given preference.

Criticizing the Labor Party for its alleged mismanagement that led to the 457 Scheme growing from 68,000 to more than 110,000 primary visa holders, he reportedly stated that it is crucial that the reliability of the list is maintained, to confirm that skilled migration fulfills the actual requirements of the nation’s economy and the local employees are not displaced.

He added that one can trust just the incumbent Coalition to put the local labor force first. Dutton also said that previous Labor Immigration Minister Chris Bowen included numerous professions on the Skilled Migration List, and totally ignored the fact if they were really in shortage.

Continuing his tirade against the Labor Party, Dutton stated that though the Labor claims it is the party of the worker, in actual fact, the present Labor Party has steadily exhibited an unashamed disregard for the local employees &taxpayers in its major migration and open border strategies.

Coming back to the research, it has reportedly found the share of the IT professionals from India employed as programmers &analysts on base wages at or below the bottom of 53,000 dollars per annum has jumped to 27.7% between 2014 and 2015 under the Coalition, from 7.6% between 2012 and 2013 under Labor.

During 2014-2015, 61% of the IT experts from India on the 457 Visas received a base wage of less than 70,180, dollars and this is 30,000 dollars below the average local IT specialist wages.

Reportedly, the majority of the Indian nationals, engaged in the IT business in Down Under, have sponsorship from the Indian IT groups even as they are repeatedly transferred within the firm to Oz from India.


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