As per a report, in the aftermath of the recent terror attacks in Europe, the US will make its security processes tighter for its popular visa waiver scheme for the guests from friendly nations. Despite the fact that the nation already screens visa candidates from war-torn areas rather watchfully, it will presently ask more questions of visitors from the countries qualified for visa waivers.

Government of the US will also seek higher collaboration and intelligence sharing with allied nations to make efforts to cut-off "foreign fighters" coming back from certain particular regions, such as Syria, for instance.

The recent lethal attacks in Paris are believed to have been the job of the European Muslims duly trained and radicalized by the Islamic State (IS) outfit in its Iraqi & Syrian bases. As either Belgian or French nationals, these people may have moved to the US by suitably getting registered under the ESTA visa waiver arrangement only to stay away from the close examination inflicted on refugees.

However, visitors will at present have to declare preceding visits to any nation declared "terrorist safe haven" by the concerned US organization.

The registrations of such travelers will also come under more examination from the American groups, and this in turn will work in closer collaboration with the related intelligence & police bodies.

As per Homeland Security Secretary, the involved body had tightened some regulations even prior to the Paris terror attacks and it would presently act rather speedily. He added that one was forever worried about the truth that there is a noteworthy higher movement of the overseas fighters into and out of Europe, vis-à-vis the US.

The US gains in some ways from geography and in some ways from just boasting of a populace that has not had the identical longing to become a part of the movement in Syria under the ISIL. Hence, one sees a much more major danger of foreign fighters coming into Europe, in relation to the figures of overseas fighters arriving on the territories of the US.

Allegedly, American federal agents will also work with the officials in nations whose citizens are entitled for visa-free travel, to assist them gather biometric data. And US foreign fighter surge teams will set out to regions where there is a fear that jihadists coming back from war zones could seek forward journey to the US.

Homeland Security Secretary also advised the American Congress to finance more pre-screening of flight travelers & airport security checks. Allegedly, the same denotes setting out American Customs officers to the foreign airports with straight flights to the US, even as 15 airports abroad already allow the same.

Significantly, the visa waiver scheme applies to 38 nations, mostly American allies and comparatively stable developed democracies whose nationals have up till now been seen as posing not much of a risk.


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