Are you keen to immigrate to Australia, to offer your professional services and do a rewarding job there in? If yes, this news report will be music to your ears.
As per the latest statistics, the vigor of the labour market keeps on being propelled by job announcement growth in the biggest employing states in the country. As per the May 2016 report from SEEK, nearly everyone shifting to the nation is eager to do a job and reside in New South Wales (NSW) & Victoria even while in these specific Australian states the figure of jobs advertised has kept on heading north.

While in the former, i.e., the NSW, year on year job announcement growth jumped by 13.4%, in the state of Victoria SEEK fresh job announcements were up 10.6% from 12 months back even while the fields with the biggest rise happen to be healthcare & medical.

According to the SEEK spokesperson, there continues to be a figure of divergent trends in the job advertising throughout the nation’s states & territories at the present time, even as the trend facts divulges that some fairly strong increase has been there in the job promotion on SEEK for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), South Australia (SA), and Tasmania.

The numbers allegedly reveal that the strength in SA is a comparatively new and positive trend duly fuelled by rise in transport and logistics, construction, trades and services and manufacturing.

While vis-à-vis 12 months ago, the job announcement growth for SA has improved by 13.1%, in Tasmania there has been a rise of 9.1%, and in the ACT job announcements have jumped by 21.9%. WA continues to be the weakest employment market, with job commercials for this state heading south by 14.6%, in respect of the identical time in 2015.

But, there is an unambiguous dissimilarity in the aspirant accessibility at a state and territory stage. In the Northern Territory, the WA, and Tasmania, the market is ruled by the hirers. For every employment opportunity publicized, there is a more than average figure of applicants applying, in the process, generating more fight for the job seekers but offering the hirers with a bigger bank of aspirants to select from.

Though in Victoria and NSW the job hunting conditions for aspirants are more aligned, with a rational balance between jobs publicized and aspirants submitting an application, the same has been pretty tightening over the preceding five months.

Despite the fact that the healthcare and medical segments keeps on being a high employing segment in Down Under with commercials up 13% year on year, there is a different image state by state. For instance, while job announcements in this field were reportedly up only 9% in Queensland, it was 15% in Victoria, and 22% in the NSW.


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