Are you an Engineer or involved with Skilled Trades, and keen to move to Australia, for work purposes? If yes, you will be delighted to know that at present that skilled workers like you are in high demand in the country. Yes, it is a fact!

As per a new study, Engineers and Skilled Trades, together with doctors and non-nursing health roles, are one of the most difficult to fill in Australia presently.

Leading the chart is the Skilled Trades since a construction boom, propelled by mammoth infrastructure ventures throughout the states of New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria, is maintaining demand with engineers also required in this specific domain.

IT staff, accounting and finance workers, drivers, doctors and non-nursing roles, technicians, and office support workers, etc., are the next most in demand.

In general, roughly 38% of the recruiters/firms in Oz report troubles filling job openings due to talent famines. Allegedly, the results show a minor softening in the country’s labour market with the share of recruiters/firms finding it extremely hard to fill the jobs dropping below 40% for the first time in more than nine years.

However, this does not denote there are lots of breaks for those from abroad keen to shift to Australia, with the reason being several of the professions on the list also happen to be on the official Government & State lists of in demand skills for visa sponsorship.

Allegedly, the present economic outlook for Down Under signifies that it is doubtful this talent shortage figure will keep on dropping appreciably, particularly when looking at exceedingly skilled industries, like the IT segment, where demand is expected to improve even more in the next few years as responsibilities around the integration of mobile application, solutions and cloud computing quickly head north.

The study--of over 1,500 recruiters/firms in the nation--revealed 23% stated that a deficiency of experience is the primary factor they are unable to fill openings, followed by 21% noting that there is a scarcity of available candidates and 20% a need of hard skills.

And in terms of the hardest skills to locate, for the 10th successive year, Skilled Trades occupied the first position with engineers at the second spot. Allegedly, Skilled Trades has occupied the list for tough responsibilities to fill for the past 10 years.

Earlier, it was associated with the creation of roles through the mining boom. At present, even though one continues to unwind from this time-frame, the nation has moved into a construction bonanza, propelled by huge infrastructure missions across NSW and Victoria. And it has seen continued demand for engineers and Specialist Skilled Trades.

It is also maintained that technology has moved market demands and has noticeably changed the manner people work--not just reshaping the existing responsibilities but forming entirely new jobs that were not known just a decade back.

Against the backdrop of such a large number of new segments surfacing, it’s becoming growingly tougher for groups/firms to locate the right workers with the required experience, it is further claimed.

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