As per a new report, coastal experiences and aquatic facilities of Australia are the top attractions of a fresh drive duly aimed at drawing even more tourists from abroad in 2016 that employs the newest technology. The most recent drive from the concerned body, Tourism Australia, reportedly makes use of s VR and 360 technology to motivate would-be visitors considering Down Under for their coming holiday.

According to John O’Sullivan, Tourism Australia Managing Director (MD), already 70% of the global visitors to the country get pleasure from an aquatic or coastal experience as component of their trip to the Kangaroo Land; hence, this is a drive that will reverberate pretty strongly across all major markets of the nation.

He elucidated that even as Australia enjoys widespread popularity and acceptance, for its amazing natural beauty, there is hardly any approval of the breadth, depth & quality of the astounding aquatic and coastal experiences. Though they have for eternity been a vital component of the nation’s destination story, they were never earlier given much attention.

The operation will sit next to and be a foil for the existing Tourism Australia marketing goings-on, and this comprises its present advertising of food & wine and Indigenous experiences, proffering an additional proof point to exhibit why ‘There’s Nothing like Australia’.

The MD indicated that the long term operation, ‘There’s Nothing like Australia’, was forever tailored to offer a stage from which the body could develop its tourism message. The body did this most recently with Restaurant Australia, and at present, with a devoted focus on the nation’s typical and first-rate aquatic and coastal experiences.

Notably, the newly filmed drive features more than 12 different experiences representing every state and territory of the country. These include, among others, a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostles and sailing all the way through the radiant blue waters of Rottnest Island.

Sharing more information on the subject, another concerned person from Tourism Australia reportedly explained that Down Under has always had the benefit of being an exceedingly attractive place, but maybe it suffers from the superficial notion that it takes a great amount of time to get there.

She added that the difficulty is how to generate a feeling of necessity to make a trip that counters those alleged hurdles like, for instance, time, distance & expenditure. The drive has been tailored to be extremely immersive and capture what it really feels like to be in physically present the country.

Significantly, Tourism Australia will spend 40 million Australian dollars over the coming six months rolling-out the latest operation beginning in the US with a joint drive with Virgin Australia, and afterwards across other important global markets, and this comprises India, South Korea, Britain, China, New Zealand, Japan, etc.


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