Were you keen to move to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) using the Skilled Sponsorship Visa Scheme? If yes, this news report is for you! Curtains have been brought down on the Skilled Sponsorship Visas for the candidates interested in moving to the ACT. Now, the aspirants from abroad cannot submit an application since the targets have already been fulfilled. The same denotes that the applicants will have to cool their heels until July when the coming round of petitions gets opened.

Canberra Popular With People Shifting to Australia

But, the candidates, residing in Canberra, can still submit an application. According to a spokesperson, in case one is staying overseas, he will not be in a position to present an application for the ACT nomination of a Skilled Nominated (Subcategory 190) Visa until the scheme reopens in the month of July, next year.

The development though does not have any impact whatsoever on the Canberra-based aspirants. In case one is staying in the region, and involved in a skilled profession, the plan is still open from him. He will still be able to submit a petition for the ACT nomination of the Skilled Nominated (Subcategory 190) Visa, in case he fulfills the present nomination conditions for the Canberra residents.

A British national elucidated that he became enchanted with the place on a trip on a Working Holiday Visa way back during 2011. He pointed-out that once his visa lost its validity, he went back home to Britain but quickly realized that he wished to revisit the place. He had made some wonderful pals and their families had become family to him. In actual fact, on his revisit he was given a place to live by the family he resided with way back during 2010, he added.

He further said that though it took him three years to come back, he just cannot start to tell everybody how superior the place is, and how remarkable it felt to be back. A big thing about Canberra is the actual comfort of life—everybody seems to be pretty joyful and animated, full of health and at all times looking for something to do. He also advised the people nursing thoughts of shifting to Canberra to submerge himself into the unique Australian Culture.

Echoing a somewhat similar thought, another migrant to the place, reportedly, stated that he shifted to Canberra from Jordan as he and his family wanted a safer place to raise their family. They picked Canberra as they believed it was the finest city for them. Praising the city, he added that it has an abundance of parks, kids activities, and much more importantly, low crimes. It is an incredibly safe to stay in even while the residents are charming, he concluded.


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