There is a serious famine of the domestic Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) workers in the US despite the nation reportedly leaving no stone unturned to nurture local talents, to fill the STEM job openings. This is the finding of a study of the third yearly US News/Raytheon STEM Index, reportedly brought out on May 17, this year.

Reportedly, Washington DC will be mainly dependent upon the workers from abroad on some specific visas--like the H-1B specialty worker visa and the L-1B intra-company transfer visa--to fill science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) employment openings in the future.
Regardless of the many major advances made in education and hiring, the index reportedly discloses that skills chasms still stay alive—chasms filled by the STEM graduates on the H-1B Visas and some other specific visas. The L-1B specialized knowledge visa for the intra-company transfers also happens to be a key non-immigrant visas duly employed to fill skills chasms.

The 2016 US News/Raytheon STEM Index reveals that, even if the figure of the STEM degrees offered has headed north, together with the figure of the STEM hires, as mentioned before, the US keeps on facing a severe dearth of qualified domestic STEM employees.

Under the STEM Jobs Act of 2015, which never became a law, it was reportedly projected that 55,000 visas be made obtainable in the 2016 financial year, and for the succeeding financial years, to trained immigrants, who have a doctorate degree in a domain of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics from an American doctoral establishment of higher education, or have every doctoral course in a STEM domain.

And, this includes every study course enrolled for either by correspondence or via distance education, while physically being present in the nation.

Added STEM Graduates, STEM Employment Opportunities

As per the index, added STEM graduates totaled 30,835, while there were an extra 230,246 STEM opportunities from 2014-2015.

Throwing light on the issue, a concerned person reportedly stated that regardless of the noteworthy public & private investment, the country is still not building up American STEM personnel to fill the many openings of the future. He added that it's pretty apparent that the need of the hour is to focus the efforts on getting additional children, predominantly African-Americans & women, keen to pursue STEM at a rather young age.

Allegedly, the requirement for the overseas manpower on the H-1B Visas, to fill the STEM openings, was only a major finding of the index, together with a remarkable rise in the figure of the STEM degrees being proffered, while the figure of the STEM jobs has headed north along with wages.


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